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  1. jimpat

    can we get a drag racing forum?

    I meet lots of off road racers that I know at the drags also and it would be nice to be able to share tips and help. I occasionally need help in the pits and also driving as I have drag cars
  2. jimpat

    mint 400 race course map?

    is it out yet? Can not find it anywhere
  3. jimpat

    ken mogi trans shop still open?

    is ken's shop still open?
  4. jimpat

    harness seat belts

    What can we do with racing harness when past the 3 years date but are still in great shape? I have so many just taking up space and just had to change one set of RCI 5 point 3" Camlock Quick release because of the date expired and only were used for 5 race days in my drag car and are like new!!!
  5. jimpat

    Cost of Transponder for BITD race

    I tried to find the cost of the transponder for the Mint race but could not find any info on it
  6. jimpat

    rules for the mint 400 vintage class

    does anyone knows what rules are applied for the vintage class race at the Mint? Are all the cars running in the same class? It actually does not matter who wins as there are no prizes, just bragging rights!!!!
  7. jimpat

    mint 400 vintage class rules

    we use a late truck body on the 69 blazer, will that be ok to run or do we need to put the old body back?
  8. jimpat

    vintage class 6 SUV

    we are going to restore the 68 Blazer that we ran in class 6 till the end of the class and then had to run class8. Besides NORRA 1000 are there any other racing associations that run vintage classes? We would like to race the Blazer again in class 6. thanks jim patelli
  9. jimpat

    SNORE nite race?

    any news on the it on or off, wish some one would keep us informed
  10. jimpat

    Future of off road racing in California

    It is with sadness that I realize that eventually the off road races in CA will be closed to the public like in Nevada. The implication of that could be less interest by sponsors, as their products will not be seen in actual use, less interest from fans if they are limited to watch from stands...
  11. jimpat

    article and video on the Press Enterprise paper

    Last week I had an interview with the P E paper. I tried to explain what off road racing is all about and that in an open access place as the Mojave its impossible to control the spectators. Hopefully I helped our cause. jim...
  12. jimpat

    class 8 at the MDR nite race?

    any trucks planning to race the MDR race?
  13. jimpat

    weber Porsche 40 IDA 3 barrell help

    i need parts for this carburator, used on the 911 porsche motors. I need 3 auxiliary venturies and I dont know where to buy them....... anyone familiar with these carbs or knows where to buy parts? thanks jim patelli
  14. jimpat

    2008 baja 1000

    i am going to need pit support for the race for class 8. Is Checkers still doing it or whats the best service to use? jim
  15. jimpat

    off topic..wiring help....

    my phone line from my office to the shop was chewed by gophers, I need help in buying and stringing a new phone line, phone company wont do it. I'll pay or give coride on our class 8 truck jim patelli
  16. jimpat

    unnecessary nerfing

    we were hit so hard by a greenish protruck, could had been # 1283, that the battery box along with the whole rear bumper and related links were destroyed. No excuse for it as we will move over to let pass anytime that the course allows. In class 8000 we finished 3rd, 2 hours behind Curt Le Duc...
  17. jimpat

    SNORE battle of Primm photos

    I lost all my files with the url of the photographers that had photos of my truck # 802 driven by Joe Patelli, if you have any, please email me jim
  18. jimpat

    hope it's just a rumor !!!!!!!!

    heard that the BLM has cancelled a couple races in Nevada, believe they said it was BITD races. We are all ready to go!!!!!! Hope its not true jim
  19. jimpat

    class 8 schedule for 2008

    would like to put together a schedule where we could have a decent turn out of C 8 trucks. MORE, MDR, BITD, SNORE, lets race....... Its no fun to race or lose, lets have some fun jim
  20. jimpat

    unleaded fuel........means all new motors

    If the change from san felipe to ensenada was bad news, the change to unleaded fuel for 2008 is a disaster. Kiss good bye to the big horsepower mills! the cost of unleaded fuel for 14 to one motors will be around seven $ per gallon (that is sponsored team cost) to the public? a bit more...