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  1. Combz08

    LS2 top mount ac compressor, ps pump, and alternator Mount

    Alright looking for some help i need to mount all my accessories for the motor up high i know that Ryan Arciero did it on his prerunner awhile back any help would be appreciated
  2. Combz08

    LOORS 9&10 Photos

    here are some shots i got while sitting in the scissor lift
  3. Combz08

    Richmond Gears GOOD or BAD???

    I am trying to figure out what Third Member and i have a hook up at Richmond anyone have any good or bad input on them thx in advance!!!!
  4. Combz08

    Vildosola TT

    I see that the TT and the Protruck are both up for sale i know that the protruck has bee for sale for awhile hope they don't plan on leaving the desert they bring great excitement
  5. Combz08

    SPD body info

    Looking for who makes the original Bj body and or Collins body i have a project going on and thats the body that i am planning on running any help id appreciate it Thx
  6. Combz08

    BJs body

    anyone know who makes his body and if it is available to purchase i am considering it for a project have going on thanks in advance
  7. Combz08

    New Play Truck

    Here is the Lo-down on this project it is more of a toy than anything myself and a buddy of mine are building this out of my garage Specs: 85" Track width 122" wheelbase 22" front travel 30" Rear travel Components: 5.3L V8 T-400 32 Jaz fuel Cell 2.5" Fox Coils 3.0 Fox 4 tube...
  8. Combz08

    Hello My name is Combz

    not reall new to the forum just lost thje password n screen name for the last account but anyways name is Ryan race a Penhall diablo class 1