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  1. chace

    Portable band saw

    Anyone make a top guide for a pert able bandsaw table? I just made a plate for mine and thinking of making a thinner blade for cutting tighter parts Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  2. chace

    Ttb ranger build

    93 4.0 4wd manual ranger D44 beams Daily driver (Ac and power brakes) Link and usable bed Coil and bypass all around cage by Jrt (not enough time to do myself) Desert trip on new years and started on dec 8 Working full time still Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  3. chace

    how to- aluminum dash

    i just wanted to see how you guys make your dashes. does anyone have any tips or tricks on making them or just a process in general?
  4. chace

    raidiator mounts

    im going to be running a giant PWR rad and im looking for some pics of your radiator mounts or any ideas on how to if anyone can kelp me out that would be great. thanks.
  5. chace

    trans cooler

    i have 3 utv radiators and was wondering if i could use them as trans coolers or oil coolers. Of course i would be changing the fittings and modifing them a bit. Do the coolers see much pressure and if so how much? would a small radiator take the pressure?
  6. chace

    radiant heat to shocks

    in the process of building my front end and narrowed to one deciding factor on the placement of the radiator(front or rear). So my question is will the air from the hot radiator blowing on the shocks cause them to heat and fade quick? my theory is that air will be less then 200* so it cant cause...
  7. chace

    383 stroker questions

    im in the process of building a 1400 truck and am getting close to time to pick out exhaust and a torque converter but this is where i need help. For headers i have fenderwell headers with 1.75 primaries to a 3.5 collecter and am trying to decide between a 3" or 3.5" exhaust with a glass pack. I...
  8. chace

    custom break pedal asymbly

    I have a few master cylinders laying around and want to make a pedal Assembly for them and wanted to see what you guys have done or if you have any ideas. i want to do like a over-laid pedal where i push on the left and only activate the rear but if i step on the right i activate front and rear...
  9. chace

    removable windshield

    any ideas on a removable windshield on a stock chevy cab?
  10. chace


    What should be done to a 200r4 trans. who makes good rebuilds and shift kits. im building for a chevy 1400 truck with a 383 stroker pushing high 400s to the flywheel and about 400 to the wheels. 35" tires. Im trying to do this on a budget. Any input would be appreciated. thanks
  11. chace


    i want to run a intercom in my truck as cheap as possible. what can i use to link the two head sets so i can talk to my passenger. i like PCI but cant afford. any home solutions? truck is just so loud i wanna be able to talk to my co-dog. possibly hook it up to a PA system and my buddies radio...
  12. chace

    plasma cutter broke?

    My plasma cutter started cutting 45* angels and making a big mess. any ideas
  13. chace

    3 link aligned with tail snout ?

    im moving the motor back to where the tail snout of the trans is even with my lower link mounts. in my mind i would just run the front wish bone mounts on the same axis as the front lower link mounts and would give you a perfect pinion angle and 0 plunge through the cycle right? possibly having...
  14. chace

    fuel cells

    any ideas on how to build a fuel cell and bladders. Can you make a bladder out of a fiberglass or plastic sheets epoxy them together
  15. chace

    bbc or stroker

    i have a 383 stroker(350 with 400 crank) in my truck and will probably be putting it in my 1400 full size chevy. should i stick with this or get a bbc. whats the best you can do for spending very little on a bbc motor?
  16. chace

    85 700r4

    im building a 1400 truck that will be a dd and race truck. is a 1985 700r4 worth rebuilding? will it be strong enough for some racing here and there behind a mildly built 383 stroker
  17. chace

    75 chevy build

    hey im chace, im 16 and thought ide show you what im working on. the first pic is of the truck i stated a year or so ago and learned to mig weld on. so now i just wanted a fresh start ad to build a truck the right way. its gona be a 1450 or 1400 truck. motor is coming back in the cab and will...
  18. chace


    i have a th350 transmission with a shift kit. will the lucas oil transmission stop leak make it shift smoother? it says it will help it shift smoother but does that includes ones with a shift kit. i just want to stop a small leak on the pan not shift smooth.
  19. chace

    tig weld (basket weave)

    can anyone explain how to "walk the cup" or basket weave with a tig welder. going to be welding top tubes and main corners of a cage
  20. chace

    steel and benders

    hey im looking for 100' of 2" .120 wall D.O.M. and a bender. who has the best deals in the ie or near. thanks