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  1. landin82

    I want to change my Screen name

    Could you switch mine to landin82 thanks
  2. landin82

    whos winning San Felipe in tt

    1. Tavo 2. Jones 3. RG
  3. landin82

    info on the code race?

    Looks like the class 7 built by Perry McNeil. Hope everyone got out safe.
  4. landin82

    Official 2010 Baja 1K thread

    #23 is Mark McMillin is't he if so he did start.
  5. landin82

    ufc fight

    UFC 118 Tomorow Nite BJ Penn is gonna pull the trigger and unload the clip! Hana Hou BJ!
  6. landin82

    Yuma RDC

    Yeah it's A real cool place love going there to watch mma fight and Dezert People on the tube. I was out on vacation last time around so i didnt make it. It's good you guys had fun.
  7. landin82

    Yuma RDC

    So how did RDC Nite @ Brewers go?
  8. landin82

    Baja 500 spectating

    With Robby n Clyde up front should be a very fast race if one or the other doesnt break or flip.
  9. landin82

    Suns are hot

    Beat L.A. Beat L.A........ 1 hour till tip off
  10. landin82

    The no name Padres

    Offense is a lot better compared to last season. The Pads are leaving less men stranded on base, and picking up more stolen base already, compared to last season. Lets Go Padres!
  11. landin82

    Radio In 04 F150

    I am going ahead and try to put it in were the ash trey holder is. I already opened it up and there is lots of room to play with. Also there are vent slots in the lower part of console so i figure it shouldnt get extremely hot. I wired it up yesterday and will try n fab up the faceplate by next...
  12. landin82

    Norman motorsports grand opening

    pm sent
  13. landin82

    Norman motorsports grand opening

    Yeah this prerunner is top notch for sure. I think your right the glass seems to be one off wish i could get a hold of some.
  14. landin82

    Radio In 04 F150

    Thanx again. I am now thinking it will probably heat even more inside the dash. I guess ill have to think it over some more.
  15. landin82

    Radio In 04 F150

    Thanx for clearing the heat up Dan Dan. That was on of my concerns, also it is nice keeping all my junk out of sight (flash light, pocket knieves, gas reciepts, ect.) Im gonna go w what Dan200 Dezertdude suggested by placing it inside the ash trey holder. Thanx for the help.
  16. landin82

    Norman motorsports grand opening

    Anyone know wich company makes the fiberglass? I really love the hood.
  17. landin82

    Radio In 04 F150

    Has any one installed a communications radio in a 04 Ford F150? I have an icom radio I want to install in my truck before the Baja 500. My F150 Lariat has the console w the shifter in the floor panel so i dont have room to place it down there. The only solution i can come up w is inside the...
  18. landin82

    Code OXXO San Felipe 200 Results

    The Code San Felipe 200 Results are up.:cool:
  19. landin82

    Camburg Engineering suspension leading the SNORE unlimited 7 open class

    That is Awsome Jerry though I am not suprised. Camburg is a great product, my buddy runs Camburg A-Arms suspension up front on his class 7 2000 Toyota Tacoma, and they work great.
  20. landin82

    Which class??

    Like Micha previously stated, it would fall under Safari class 1800. If you want to go fro an overall win, go class 1. Code is a great series awsome courses great turn out have fun!