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  1. Chris

    Raceair Wiring??

    I just bought a pci raceair pumper for my new rzr but I’m completely useless when it comes to wiring. But I can follow instructions well enough. Can someone give me a single line diagram for how I should wire this thing up? Many thanks.
  2. Chris

    Big Red Mack

    Was on my way back from Colorado over the weekend and saw Evel's tractor and trailer headed west. Sorry for the crappy pictures. It was really cool to see such an iconic vehicle up close. close as I could get going 85 down the 15 freeway... It looked RAD!
  3. Chris

    Be the first to drive down West Coast Choppers Place...

    Was at LBC council meeting tonight for work and a couple of agenda items before ours was a request for council consent to rename a portion of Oregon Ave to West Coast Choppers Place...which they passed. Nice! I want my own street...but with my name that's gonna be one long ass street...
  4. Chris

    Adelanto GP

    Hadn't seen a post on Adelanto yet - anyone else racing??? Me & the wife are heading up the hill early Sunday morning for the 201-250cc race at 8:45.
  5. Chris

    New Go Fast Toy

    Dumped my aging Supercrew last week for a low mileage C5 z06. Holly crap this thing rips and as soon as i get over the awesomeness of the LS6 and stop driving like a maniac it'll get better gas mileage than my truck did. Guess the wife's truck is my new transpo to get the bike and my butt to...
  6. Chris

    Pala Raceway

    Looks like it's going to be a pretty nice facility.
  7. Chris

    Trip to Glamis

    I bought an '02 RM250 for the dunes last week. Took our first trip of the season this past weekend. The weather was fricken awesome - no wind and clear sunny skies. The meteor shower on Friday night was cool too.
  8. Chris

    Flex boom and ICOM FC11

    For those of you running the Icom FC 11 is there a way to adjust the mic gain? I've got a flex boom wired into my helmet but my friends have to turn their radios all the way up to hear me when i hit the PTT. I've tried moving the mic closer to my mouth but it doesn't help.
  9. Chris

    Photographer Needed

    This isn't auto racing related but I thought I check with the RDC peeps to see if there are any professional photographers out there that want to make some extra $ on the side? I work for a real estate developer. We are completing renovations on a 76 unit apartment complex located in LA on El...
  10. Chris

    New Bike

    I bought a 2003 RM125 recenly and got to ride it for the first time this last Sunday at Amago. This is the first off-road bike that I've owned that isn't at least 10 years old. What a difference the new bike made with my confidence level. Everthing on the bike is tight and it turns super...
  11. Chris

    City Service Paving

    I'm looking for contact info. for Keith Cunningham. Please PM me if you've got something. Thanks.
  12. Chris

    Rear Sprocket

    I recently replaced my 1991 WR250z top and bottom end with a YZ250 top and bottom end. While breaking it in out in Bartow this past weekend I noticed two things: 1. Top speed is WAY less and 2. Pull throughout all gears is WAY greater. It's definitely not suited to the desert anymore. First...
  13. Chris

    Almost time for ADGP

    Got my flyer in the mail yesterday. Is anyone else planning on racing it this year? I'm no desert racer (mediocre skills at best) and I still have lots of fun!
  14. Chris

    V-Twin MXV

    Anybody see the Aprillia v-twin motocross bike? Looks bad! I'm interested to see how it does as their GP program grows up...
  15. Chris

    Thanks BIG TIME Team SPEC

    We went to California City last Monday and I ended up getting a very short but AWESOME ride in #1256 Team SPEC Pro-Truck. As it was the first purpose built off road machine I have ever ridden in other then our weekend warrior f150, I was shocked and amazed at how fast it was. Top speed over...
  16. Chris

    Dirtbike lighting vendor

    ¿Anyone know about the shop in Carlsbad (I think) that specializes in dirtbike lighting systems? I remember hearing about them but can't remember their name. They are known for their stator kits. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  17. Chris

    Ranger Cooler Line Fittings at Steering Pump

    Anyone know the fitting sizes for the cooler lines on a 1998 ford ranger at the steering box. I got a fluidyne cooler and want to order new lines from Baker this weekend. I checked my haynes manual and all over the internet but can't seem to find any references???
  18. Chris

    8.8 axle swap

    I'm swapping out my trashed 7.5 axle on my '98 ranger and swapping in an 8.8 out of a '91 ranger. Does anyone know if the u-joint on the differential side of the driveshaft is the same size? Thanks Chris
  19. Chris

    Why I hate flying by: Richie Valens

    I don't know how you guys feel about flying (Dave G. not included ) but it scares the piss out of me and I have to fly to NYC on friday for work. I went and got something to put me to sleep, hopefully I'll zone and wake up as we are touching down in Newark. Been nice knowing you guys! :) I...
  20. Chris


    Who knows who makes the wheels on vosburg's prerunner? (See attachment)