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  1. bufeo

    Solitude Germany (Stuttgart) Non Points F1

    Somehow I convinced the "Stars and Stripes" (U.S. Military newspaper) to grant me a Press Pass to cover this race July 23, 1961. Diana and I had equal credentials (she as Photog/Asst) so she availed herself of the Tribune Box (Press Box with an incredible buffet table) while I was trackside...
  2. bufeo

    Dakar Rally U.S. TV Coverage??

    I've been searching for any information about the 2012 Dakar Rally TV coverage here in the States and have not come up with anything. With VersusTV becoming NBC Sports in January (the 4th??) I've sent an e-mail to VSTV (which already morphed over to NBC Sports) but haven't received a reply yet...
  3. bufeo

    Dispatches From Buenos Aires

    Hey, doesn't that sound cool? "Dispatches". Sounds like I'm imbedded with the front line crew. Sorry to say, far from it. Were it not for the electronics I wouldn't know diddley-squat about what's going on. BUT.... Just received a tel/call from Annie. No Skype tonight. The whole Team Dakar...
  4. bufeo

    ?RG to Hungary in April?

    I just saw this posted on Robby's Uprising: Is this true just read this on "For Gordon, team ownership in the Nationwide Series allows him to glean test information for his single-car Cup team as well as support his other habits -- other forms of motorsports. His team includes...
  5. bufeo

    Mongol Rally

    Now here's one for you long-distance racers. MONGOL RALLY Here's a RELATED ARTICLE. Man, driving a Yugo or a 2CV across Mongolia???? :eek: Allen R
  6. bufeo

    Rules for Required Passports Changed

    I don't know if this has been reported on RDC yet, if so, moderator please delete this thread. The Feds have extended the deadline for passports at the border crossings for Canada and Mexico to June. This was reported this afternoon on MSNBC. Allen R
  7. bufeo

    NORRA Decals

    Does anyone know where I might be able to come up with a couple of old NORRA decals? I need them for a classic off-road car from that era. I've done a few web searches but have come up dry. :( Thanks for any suggestions. Allen R
  8. bufeo

    Hummer in Iraqi Traffic

    Maybe this has already been posted. I realize that this is SOP for driving in trafic in a war zone, but I must say it reminds me of....oh never mind. Allen R
  9. bufeo

    Dakar Rally TV Schedule

    The daily schedule for the 2007 Dakar Rally is posted at I'm not certain what's up w/the "2006 Highlights". Maybe that's a typo or maybe it's a review of the last DR. Allen R
  10. bufeo

    St Louis to Dakar

    For you Dakar Rally afficionados here's another U.S. effort you may want to follow. I hope Tim will post his own info here. Allen R
  11. bufeo

    KTM Testing in Tunisia

    In case you're interested there are some good pix of Andy Grider and Chris Blais testing the KTM Rally bike for Dakar at this site. Click on Motorsports, then highlight "Rally" and click on "Show Images" when the "133: Team shooting..." comes up. Great pix!
  12. bufeo

    Red Bull KTM Rider Andy Grider

    In case you're in the area, Red Bull KTM Rider, Andy Grider, will be in Prescott Valley, AZ, Wednesday, August 3, 2005, at Star Island Motorsports, 6425 E. 2nd St, from 3:00 to 6:00 p.m. Grider, the newest member of the Red Bull KTM U.S Dakar Rally team, will be at Starland Motorsports with...
  13. bufeo

    KTM USA Team

    I know it's not desert racing in the U.S., but if you're interested in this sort of thing, you can log onto and follow the Tunisia Rally in which KTM's Andy Grider (whom you've seen or will see in D2G) and Chris...