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    2021 peninsula Baja 1000

    I know the 2020 B1K has not even happened yet but does anybody have any info on the 2021 race running down the peninsula?

    I drive by here everyday and still can't believe he did this..

    Bike Transport

    Might need to get a couple of CRF450s from Utah to SoCal in late march for the Rip to Cabo. Anybody headed that way with room or have shipping suggestions?

    Baja Rally

    Any updates on the rally Breauxman is hosting this weekend in Baja?

    Baja Rally

    Any updates?

    Catch our epic jorney through Baja this Saturday

    AMA HH Contact info?

    Does anybody have contact info for somebody at the AMA Hare & Hound? Preferably somebody that knows something about the latest Utah round last month. Thanks in advance.

    Anybody have these? I was just turned onto these so I wanted some feedback? I am in the market and was going to go with what I know..Sidi Crossfire

    Outdoors coming to Utah

    What a great venue:
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    So true
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    Places to stay in SF?

    Doing a moto trip in October. Any recomendations in San Felipe? I have a few places in mind but I thought I would check. Probably 12-14 guys.
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    Places to stay in SF

    Doing a moto trip in October. Any recomendations in San Felipe? I have a few places in mind but I thought I would check. Probably 12-14 guys.
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    Todd Clement on Pawn Stars

    Anybody see it? He had a Steve McQueen poster that turned out to be a fake......he looked very bummed.
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    Big Air Young Guns!

    Even though Bob Bernquist took the Gold, I think there is definatley going to be a changing of the guard at X Games Big Air next year. Mitchie Brusco, Tom Schaar, Jaeger and Jet Eaton are stepping up the game in a huge way. My son skated with Tom at the Ultimate Boarder a couple of years back...
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    Caselli for Baja 500?

    Heard he broke his collar bone last week at the National in Utah? Wonder if he will be able to race or just start the 500? Crash is around 8:45, he had a pretty good lead at that point. Also heard Kamo protested Pearson?
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    First ever 1080! Met Tom at Ultimate Boarder a couple of years ago. He is the future of vert skating for sure. Kids like him, Mitchie Brusco and the brothers Jet and Jaeger from AZ are stepping up the...
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    Text/Email plans in Europe

    I am heading to Austria in two weeks with my son for the World Rookie Tour Finals of Snowboarding, anybody have input on sending texts via email or Skype with cell phones? I have never been to Europe and I just found out yesterday that we are going so I am scrambling. Thanks in advance for...
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    National H&H today

    Any word?
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    Thoughts and Prayers for Skier Sarah Burke Please keep Sarah in your thoughts and prayers. This realy hits home as my son trains in this pipe everyday and was up there yesterday, he was also up there...
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    Day 1 tragedy VS said he suffered a heart attack. Very sad to hear this kind of thing. Prayers of safety go out to all involved in the race this year.