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  1. stewwalker

    Jax Done

    Wait, he sold his truck that quick?
  2. stewwalker

    Prerunning vs. Preracing

    As I sit from my office chair jealous of these youtube prerunning videos, I'm wondering when "preracing" will become the next "light bars into oncoming traffic" issue. I've seen clips of race speed prerunning, panic reving behind slower cars, and even collisions this week, some are even BIG...
  3. stewwalker

    What is your favorite “section”?

    Valley T to the Grassy Knoll busting coveys while doing wheelies.
  4. stewwalker

    What we have lost over the years

    Paris to Dakar...
  5. stewwalker

    John Bronco - Baja 1000 Winner

    The untold history of the Ford Bronco...
  6. stewwalker

    Proposed limit number of riders per moto team @ SCORE events

    I've always wondered why SCORE doesn't blade parts of the course they whoop out. Maybe every 5 years pick a section and grade it? I under stand the essence of the race is man and machine vs. Baja, but if miles of woops are deterring racers and driving up DNF's, wouldn't it be in SCORE's best...
  7. stewwalker

    Proposed limit number of riders per moto team @ SCORE events

    If you are talking about low entries, you need to look at the status of the motocross industry too. 10 years ago I had 7 or 8 tracks within an hour of me, now there is only 2. Supercross/motocross attendance has been declining the past 5 years. The price of a bike has increased. Track fees...
  8. stewwalker

    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    But how?...
  9. stewwalker

    The "Official" Dakar 2020 Thread

    Who thinks the issue with Iran is going to impact the rally? I literally have no clue, just asking...
  10. stewwalker

    Man! I love my Raptor!!!!!

    Are any of yall experiencing excessive "popping" noises from your Deaver springs? I've tried all the tricks, Amsoil metal protector, fluid film, re-greasing the bushings, adding Camburg shackles, etc. Clearly something is binding under articulation, but I cant figure it out. Deaver says this...
  11. stewwalker

    Curious why none of the big rally teams try Baja or BITD. Wonder how they would do?

    I want to know why a WRC race isn't run in Baja...
  12. stewwalker

    Solar takes out the old Mint track forever

    Off topic, but who else noticed the wind farm going in east of San Matias wash?
  13. stewwalker

    BAJA 500 Accident Moto vs TT

    When will the Herbst stop hitting people?
  14. stewwalker

    Gun / Protection to Baja for Pre-Run and Race?

    Anyone remember the chase team who was late to their pit because some idiot forgot a .22 in the truck? Baja 500 maybe 5 years ago? Bringing a firearm legally into Mexico for hunting is a pain. Most outfitters have their own shotguns / rifles on hand for clients to use. To paraphrase the...
  15. stewwalker

    Baja 500

    Math is only a waist when it’s on RDC.
  16. stewwalker

    Baja 500

    So if Robby jumped a split second before the flag went green and gained a 50' advantage off the start, lets do the math. 500 miles = 2,640,000 feet. 50' / 2,640,000'... Never mind my head hurts. Bryce is the kind of guy who gets manicures. Can we start talking about the A hole chase truck...
  17. stewwalker

    Baja 500

    Whats with the rain? Starting our prerun (bikes) on Saturday. Is the weather going to clear?
  18. stewwalker

    Water crossings

    Serious question. Why do I always see desert race type trucks stalling out in water crossings? Does no one build wiring harnesses with waterproof connections? Are intake designs so open, water immediately gets sucked in? I know the trucks are designed for water, but with all that money spent...
  19. stewwalker

    Baja 500

    Then what is everyone going to say during their interviews?
  20. stewwalker

    Baja 500

    I heard the course jumps the border. All participants are required to carry their passports for reentry into the US.