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  1. stewwalker

    Prerunning vs. Preracing

    As I sit from my office chair jealous of these youtube prerunning videos, I'm wondering when "preracing" will become the next "light bars into oncoming traffic" issue. I've seen clips of race speed prerunning, panic reving behind slower cars, and even collisions this week, some are even BIG...
  2. stewwalker

    John Bronco - Baja 1000 Winner

    The untold history of the Ford Bronco...
  3. stewwalker

    Closed gates in Baja

    This year we ran into quite a few ranch gates when riding down the peninsula. I map out our rides using google earth and referencing old race corse gps files. Obviously race promoters work deals with land owners, but what is your standard operating procedure when you come across a closed gates...
  4. stewwalker

    CRF 450RX in Baja

    We are gearing up for our trip to the 500. We won’t be racing, but prerun sections of the corse and “adventure”ride for 10 days before the race. I picked up a 450RX this year, and we are debating on outfitting it for the trip. My main concern is fuel mileage. I’ve searched for concrete answers...
  5. stewwalker

    Polaris RZR RS1 - Single Seater

    Looks like Polaris has brought a new RZR to market. As a 2 wheel guy who now understands the laws of physics, consequences, and economics, this buggy has caught my eye. For the price of a new dirt bike with all the trinkets, someone is able to get a roll cage and 110 hp. Thoughts on the...
  6. stewwalker

    89 F-150 prerunner info

    Anyone know about or have info in this truck? Low mile prerunner in San Antonio TX. Cars for Sale: Used 1998 Ford F150 XL for sale in San Antonio, TX 78232: Truck Details - 462969815 - Autotrader
  7. stewwalker

    Baja Rally 2017 Route?

    Does the Baja rally route ever get published? I've been seeing some cool photos of the rally and would like to see the routes they are taking and the mileage. Sent from my iPad using race-deZert mobile app
  8. stewwalker

    Moto Rental in Cabo/ La Paz?

    Does anyone know of an outfitter who is willing to rent quality bikes by the day near Cabo or La Paz? A friend and I are planning a family trip to La Paz at the end of this month and my buddy and I don't think we could handle being in Baja with out a bike. Yes, renting out bikes by the day in...
  9. stewwalker

    Honda parts in Baja?

    We are prerunning / vacationing for the 500 and our bike has developed a concerning "bag of rocks" sound. Good news is we limped it into colonet and are getting ready to pull the valve cover and take a look. I'm suspecting a worn out wrist pin. If we need parts, who is the closest dealer/...
  10. stewwalker

    2017 CRF450 RX in Baja

    What are the chances of the new 450 RX being run in SCORE events? Will the big name teams ditch the 450X in turn for the newer lighter machine? I'm looking into purchasing one for Baja prerunning and adventure rides. The only drawback I see is the fuel capacity and no aftermarket tank options...
  11. stewwalker

    HELP - In search of 06 CRF450 frame

    While prepping my bike for the 500, I noticed small crack in the motor mount on the frame. Crack is on the clutch side, upper mount that is attached to the frame spar. Upon research, I have found out that TIG welding is not a viable option (the frame would have to be re-heat treated). Does...
  12. stewwalker

    Cost to build a "prerunner"

    I'm kicking around the idea of turning my '95 suburban 4x4 into a mild prerunner. Nothing to crazy, but something we can take to Baja and have fun in. I've done some research and have found that an OBS chevy is probably the worst vehicle to start with, however I have one sitting in storage and...
  13. stewwalker

    Baja 500 map

    Does anyone know when the race course will be released? Any inside knowledge would be appreciated. We are headed down May 30th for a week of prerunning and spectating. I'm hoping the course stays near Valley T, where we will be staying for most of the week.
  14. stewwalker

    Crossing the border documents

    This year will be the first 500 I will attend in my 2014 Ford Raptor. Due to the fact that I have not paid off my loan, I believe I need written consent from the lien holder and a copy of the title. In the past we have always taken my old suburban with a trailer and bikes, all of which are...
  15. stewwalker

    SF 250 gps file

    Does any one have the gps file for the 250? I can't load it into leadnav from the score web site. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  16. stewwalker

    Where to spectate for the 500?

    We are headed down to prerun/spectate next week. Any suggestions on where to watch the race from? Will mikes be full of drunk locals race day?