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    Jeff Darland

    I seen on another SM platform that Jeff Darland passed away?? Met him a few times at the Rocky Point races - pretty fast guy.. Family has had a rough couple years...
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    Where is Jesse Jones??

    Where is Jesse hiding these days??
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    Legal Counsel in Mex. Needed

    We are in need of someone/firm experienced in land transition and acusition in Mexico, perferably in the State of Sonora. Any help would be appreaciated.
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    Motor Swap

    Will a CRF 450 motor/transmission fit into a CRF 250 frame?? Any one tried this?
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    Las Vegas Weather???

    Can someone from the area direct me to find an accurate weather forecast from 12/6-12/12 for the Vegas area? We will be in town for the NFR. Thank you in advance. Steelman
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    Kelly Yancey

    Does anybody have a contct number for Kelly? I had a private lesson scheduled for this weekend for my son and I can't get in touch with her thru her e-mail. Thanks in advance. Steelman
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    Stolen Welding Machine

    Brand new Miller NT250 welder/generator was stolen from my fabrication shop this morning from Tucson,AZ. Serial # LG062452. Machine is brand new with +/- 100hrs on it. Also a white sticker on the sides that says " The J. R. Tuttle Co." probaly peeled off by now!! Thanks in advance. Steelman
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    Bike Headlights

    I purchased a CRF250X and I want to install an aftermarket headlight, the stock one isn't bright enough. I use the bike for trail riding and prerunning. I have been looking at the Baja Designs 8" light kit. Any suggestions? Thanks, Steelman
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    In memory of Chase Feldkamp

    I have been thinking about this since the 500 and I think we can do this! I would like to challenge the respective teams from AZ,NV, Calf and so-on to start collecting all the outgrown clothes and un-played with toys to be centrally collected at one spot in your home town and delivered to the...
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    Choosing a Bike

    I need some input from you guys on choosing a new bike. I will be a recreational rider and also some pre-running. I want to be able to trail ride with my son, but also go on Baja trips. I am looking at the WR250F and WR450F. Any feed back would be helpful. Steelman
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    Baja 1000 Quad 96A

    After hiking about 3 miles back to some locals partying up on the Mike's road, and having them give me a ride to the San Matais area, I met this team and asked to use their radio to contact my team. I was down with a bad throw-out bearing about midnight. I don't if I was more impressed that they...
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    New Class 10 car

    I am in the market for a new car. I would like some honest feedback from current cl10 guys on their respective cars and experiance with the fabricators. I am really leaning towards the Porter. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Steelman
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    Finally got off my butt to sign in on this board after 1 1/2 yrs. of looking. My name is Mark Brownell, I am from Tucson, AZ. I race class 10/12.