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    MDR Lucerne 250 pics

    Great shots! Anymore of 1468?
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    Primm 300 updates

    3rd member possibly going out. Will know more when it gets into pit @ 33 and gets fixed
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    I heard Adam Householder was injured yesterday at the race. What happened?

    It was. My friends and I like to call that section "escalated quickly."
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    Fox 3.0 Shim ID?

    It's the same shim i.d. as the 2.0 and 2.5's
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    Robby Gordon In Car Camera in section where accused of Speeding

    You forgot to convert your seconds to hours and make sure your units matched up speed=distance/time: 1.2 miles/(83 seconds/3600 seconds per hour)=52.05 mph average
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    Finally... BAP Photos

    What a bunch of complainers! Cool pics Dave.
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    BITD Parker 425- Relive the Weekend - Photos

    Great Shots. Any of TT 24 or 1539? thanks!
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    Another broken back at the Parker 425 - Suspension Seats

    Re: Another brocken back at the Parker 425 - Suspension Seats As well, if you're harnesses are placing a downward force on your shoulders into the suspension seat, the seat would be exerting a normal force greater than 1g upwards on the spine because of the "spring" component (restoring...
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    CORR Debt

    Don't forget the employees as well!
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Durka RDC Parker Photo update. Any of TT 24? Thank's Kartman!
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Bink Designs 2009 Parker 425 Photos Any of TT 24? Thank you
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: PARKER424 #Pictures# Any of TT 24? Thank you
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    Parker 425 Photos

    Re: Parker BITD 2009 super high resolution fotos available....Preview TT 24 and 1539 please thanks!
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    Who misses ROR?

    I miss "ol' Drippy" aka The water truck, as well as the racing. I think I got the front wheels off the ground once in that poor thing, but I could do a lap in one load ;)
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    SCORE - LDC - Photos

    Re: LDC Photos!!! Any of TT 24? Thanks!
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    Adults in 450 karts!

    I think you could see a lot of entries if the adult classes were open enough to allow racers to build their own chassis rather than be exculisevly TK. I have wanted to build something similar for a while, but maybe with a 2 stroke (500?) motor. This type of racing would be far cheaper than...
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    Laughlin Updates

    Heck Yeah! I just got home. What a great weekend! The Crank snapped at the snout just before the timing gear during practice on friday, but the team rallied together, got the ol' 383 swapped in and Adam drove the piss out of her all weekend! The extra power sure would've helped alot, but I...
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    SCORE - LDC - Photos

    Re: ** score ldc - leap photos ** Great shot!!!
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    Distance of Short Course Track???

    Almost all the CORR tracks last season were about .80-.85 miles long, although they looked longer. I gps'ed them myself.
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    Lake Tahoe Recomendations

    I can't recommend much along the lines of where to stay, but I do recommend checking out Freshies Bar and Grill. It's about a mile west of stateline in South Lake. They've got some of the best food in Tahoe!