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  1. Gary Plagman

    Colorado Exotic Sports Car Show

    Sunday, June 10, 2018 from 9am to 3pm Arapahoe Community College 5900 South Santa Fe Drive Littleton, CO 80120 Kicking off the summer The Colorado Concours d’Elegance & Exotic Sports Car Show is large-scale, highly-visible and well-attended. Car clubs and owners showcase nearly 500 rare sports...
  2. Gary Plagman

    Del Webb’s 1972 and 75 Mint 400

    Del Webb’s 1972 and 75 Mint 400 Rule and Entry Forms . Look at the prize money $ Just Look Over and think about. The Mint 400 is America's Greatest Off-Road Race event! (Some of the best People you will ever meet.)
  3. Gary Plagman

    Stroppe Bronco - Rodney Hall & Jim Fricker

    Ok These need to be seen.
  4. Gary Plagman

    For the Baha 1000 old Story

    NORRA Race Report This is from Chris Wilson racing the #32 Bronco: So there we are sitting in the staging area for the start of the first special stage on day two. The sun is bright and there is a nice breeze which should be good to clear the dust. It’s not cold but it’s not really very warm...
  5. Gary Plagman

    Test post

    posting test
  6. Gary Plagman

    This is more of a question Hal Seland and the exponent at the colo west 200 do you kn

    What is the Ford Exponent and Hale seland know about this car that was to run in class 2 agenst the P.J Bronco? The first race was the colorado west 200 car 6 ? in 1978. See Hot Vws, oct 1978 page 60-61. What has happend to it and where is it know?