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    Best plumbing method for dual fuel cells

    I am curious as to what some of you believe would be the best way to plumb a "dual tank" setup. I've acquired (2) 22 gallon fuel cells one from the classifieds, the other from a friend going to a bigger cell for far less than the cost of one 44 gallon cell, and would like to use both even though...
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    Rip Nick Berg...

    Article... I'm so furious i don't even know what to say.... I'm very sad for this man and his family, i hope the people who murdered him suffer for what they have done.
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    WRC calender for 2004

    Coming up soon! On Speed Tv Monte Carlo Sun, Jan 25 9pm Sweden Sun, Feb 8 9:30pm Mexico Sun, Mar 14 9:30pm New Zealand Sun, Apr 18 9:30pm Cyprus Rally Sun, May 16 9:30pm Acropolis Sun, Jun 6 9:30pm Turkey Sun, Jun 27 9:30pm Argentina Sun, Jul 18 9:30pm Finland Sun, Aug 8 9:30pm Germany Sun...