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    Samco Fab Dodge Sand Truck

    Finally, someone built a real truck! Just need to get my head out of my ass and build mine. Can't wait to see it.
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    Built Dodge Dakota

    B/F,boyfriend? LOL. Looks cool. Any suspension pix?
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    2nd gen ram suspension help

    Coil-overs would be the way to go. If you have the capabilities to fab, then do that and make your own arms and mounts. I would try to fab a new cross member with integrated arm mounts that kept it 4-link. I don't have any experience with the DC kit, the body mount thing was just the 1st thing...
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    2nd gen ram suspension help

    I would look into a different long arm kit. The DC kit requires that the body mount to be notched due to the upper arm. Trying to keep it low will suck. You're on your own for coils, unless you get some custom made, cut some 2500's or fab mounts for coil-overs. In the end you'll end up with...
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    budget buggy

    About time you get going on that. Looking good. Can't wait to try and break it! Lol.
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    Spectating the V2R

    I've been looking at the course maps trying to plan what the hot setup would be. I still need to talk it over with my buddy but I think pit 7/8 then the finish is the way to go. I was thinking trying to see the start in Hawthorne, but it seems to be a bit much. Especially cause I'm not 100%...
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    Spectating the V2R

    Just wondering how many people are going out to watch the race? Do you guys camp or rent a room? A friend and I are going out fri. and are going to try to catch some of the race and camp somewhere that night. Then probably watch the start and finish of the last day.
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    everlast welders?

    I'm the friend who bought the Everlast welder. I would love to have a brand name tig and plasma to match my Miller mig. The problem is that times are tough and can't afford that now. I was offered to buy one at a very good discount. I did lots of research on Everlast v.s. other cheaper type...
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    Looking for long travel kit that I can tow with

    Anyone find sway/leaning to be an issue while towing? I'll be in the same boat and will be doing a lot of mountain driving. Any point in running a sway bar in the rear?
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    my truck pictures [ideas]

    Here's my truck. Its the one Haycock was talking about. I'm still up in the air about putting some lights on.
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    I've been lurking here for a few years now. Just trying to soak up as much as I can. I'm planning to do a build soon,so I decided to join so I could ask questions,get help,and share with everyone. Here's a pic (all I have right now)of with I'll be working with.........