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  1. reelbigI-beams

    Nfs shift

    anyone bought it yet? came out 9/15. i started playing it last night and so far it seems like a grand turismo type sim. i havent got too far, about 30 mins playing so far. lets hear some input on the game...:cool:
  2. reelbigI-beams

    s/c tracks post yours up..

    i searched for a thread like this and couldnt find one. so ill start it off:confused: started working on my s/c front yard track today
  3. reelbigI-beams

    castle creations

    so i dropped a mamba max 5700 system in my slash today, and off the bat was running 200 degrees at the motor. found out the gearbox was full of dirt and grit. so i cleaned and rebuilt the gear box, installed a fan on the speed control(which runs no more than 90 degrees max now) and put a tamiya...
  4. reelbigI-beams

    hello im mike

    i guess i made a rdc account in 06 but now that im ready to post up in 09 here i am..... i am a "prerunner enthusiast" so ill be posting here and there every once in a while. also im into r/c cars and im happy to see a forum just for that :)