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  1. BW1672

    Looking for Dual port motor

    Looking for a good motor for my 9 car. Anyone got a spare?
  2. BW1672

    More 500 2012

    I will be out there filming the race and snapping off a few pictures. I can not afford to run and have no rear tires rite now. best of luck to all racers.
  3. BW1672

    Short 9 car video

    enjoy, sorry Doug. more to come, later.
  4. BW1672

    MORE balls out 250

    A little video from the race, I had a great time out there. enjoy.
  5. BW1672

    New Year 200

    I'm on the side lines for this race but i will be out filming the race. My trans is dead and i do not have enough cash to get it fixed. good luck to everybody and see you dudes in the dirt.
  6. BW1672


    Did you sell off your equipment to run races? I sure miss a full season in Plaster City.
  7. BW1672

    Holiday 200 I'm racing who else

    Lets get lots of cars out there. So, who else is racing? I will edit a video up of all my footage of the winning car and will send it to the winner.
  8. BW1672

    2011 big plaster city race

    Carnage in the City, big shoot out race. lets get everybody together and have a short/big course race that includes get some rd. lets ralley and get numbers to come Drive for some Carnage and fun and safe racing in our local desert. what do you guys think? Maybe in mid March? Ill race, who else?
  9. BW1672

    nine car only video

    I'm currently going back through all my video tapes and will have over 25 mins of nine car action. i have filmed a lot Barstow, plaster city, and lucrene races and going to put cars in number order with pictures as well.for a few bucks any interest?
  10. BW1672

    SMT Racing testing GT tires

    After Drive race i caught up with SMT racing for a couple shots of their 7s truck on new GT tires. Also went for a ride in the truck and it work really good, get some at the SNORE race guys. small video, check it out.
  11. BW1672

    Random nine car pictures

    a few race pics, i will be taking pictures at the big race so check back.
  12. BW1672

    online video car show

    a couple clips of nine cars, i can not wait to get my motor back. i may race the next MORE race Ballz out.
  13. BW1672

    Drive TL and More race video

    My video camera died at More race, got too dirty but had a great time watching. i took some pics, will post later. YouTube - drivenmore
  14. BW1672

    9 car heads

    how much do new heads cost? what kind do you run? or are they pure stock? newbie needs a little helpo. thanks.
  15. BW1672

    King of The Desert video

    a few clips from the race more to come later even better clips. Andy was getting it all day, nice work. congrats to all finishers. A huge thanks to Louie ( for pulling me out on friday, i sunk my stock 4wd f150 thanks. YouTube - KOTD BJW Pro
  16. BW1672

    stolen car ad #10760

    do not buy that car, it's a mirage single seat 1600 car with vw paradise motor and power box transmission. kenny is evol, it's stolen.
  17. BW1672

    watch out

    This morning i walked out to my truck and someone stole my front shocks coilovers kings. optima battery, stero, harbor frieght big alm jack and other random stuff. so watch out , i live in encinitas. usa is just as dirty as mexico. scum bags suck.
  18. BW1672

    code jacume results

    who won class 8 or any other class?
  19. BW1672

    hello rdc

    i have finally succesfully joined the site, i have been reading on the site for many years. i have raced my truck twice now and looking forward to get the yota back in action. After the mdr 400, the truck was pretty torn up. i wish my shocks were not blown and the motor was to killed of i would...