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    Congrats 2 Perry Joe Mc'Neil / Amigo Tec / lothringer

    Another Primm class 12 win... Tite racing w/ Euginio as expected (broke last lap?), better motor this time after tune up trip to builder(fat). Congrats to El Equipo & all the finishers / racers. Watch the 12's @ the Mil, a few will be up front...again!
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    Congratulations to Kevin Carr / Perry McNeil!

    Congrats to Kevin, Perry and Team, great run!
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    Dirtnewz Live Baja 500 Contingency Cam / Interviews

    on now Saw phfleuger sp?, Norman, 78x? etc. cool Looking forward to WM stream! Thx. for the feeds, good luck / safe racing to all!
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    2 "SNORE" discount rooms available at Buff. Bills for B@P

    Thurs-Sat. NO go, dambit, really wanted to race for the BMS "pogo stick" bonus, thanks again BMS. Good luck, safe racing and goot times to ALL. Maybe the Mint!!! :D. Just PM me and you can take over the res. one 1 or both, otherwise we will cancel Tuesday. Rich. UPDATE: ROOMS...
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    CODE en "Totally Offroad Radio" Anoche

    Escuhca a Alfonso hablando con "PAB" de la historia de CODE, reporte de 2008 y informacion de 2009. TOTALLY OFF ROAD RADIO Wednesdays 6-8pm on AM 1000 KCEO or go to and click on LISTEN LIVE! Station Call in number: (760) 720-5236 Email Questions...
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    Congrats to the 988, Two in a Row at the Powder Puff!

    Kathleen - congrats on two in a row! Great race / weekend, and to meet you and Steve. Enjoyed pitting next to you guys, and meeting the Lang / Davis Motorsports team members. Kathleen Lang 1st Class 9 2007 PP 1st Class 9 2008! Rich, Jordan and Cameron, #1461
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    BITD SS 300 Tracking - Updates

    9:30 AM - they're off! IRC
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    YOUR Best Motorports Photo ...

    Whether your one of the many great "RDC Pro" photographers, or a "Point and Clicker" like Us, post the favorite pic YOU shot. Here's our's, '07 500 Erendira: We had a bunch to choose from, just liked this close up / subject, and "Flatwheel" Erik in the Background. :D Post yours, ;)...
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    Quick Clicks / Slide Show from Contingency Monday PM

    Couldn't resist quick run to the stuff. Well worth the trip, here are 4 of 64, clink link below for slide show. Slide Show Good luck and safe racing / chasing to ALL. always, if you see a pic of your team or that you like, feel free to download, just don't use...
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    Help - daughter needs Mechanic in San Antonio exas

    All --Daughter Allison is in Texas throught the 18th on AFB for training, drove over from Schreveport La, clutch is going out on her 94 4x4 Ranger .... Know jake s in Houston area, and Endeavor is up in Dallas...can anyone reccommend a mechanic in San Antonio area to ck. out / replace clutch...
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    Mini truck Driveline Diagram - 1 piece or carries?

    57" from trans. to 3rd member. 1piece or carrier, not a big fan of 2 piece, but better ground clearance, Comments / experience - suggestions? Thanks.
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    2007 Tour de France

    Starts tomm. Sat., 7/7. more info here: Tour de France 2007 Velo News I'm just catching up with this...interested in others thoughts on the Teams and riders for this tour, can't wait!
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    Large turnout for Del Mar Tuff Trucks 2007

    Buggys today... Stands were pretty FULL, lots of vehicles...took some cheap point and shoot pics and video... Stand outs included D Vance, PERFECT suspension, BIG Ford V-8??? Point n Shoot Cam Video CLICK Giordano..clean! Nice to see Geoff boosting in Mo's truck and using Long Travel...
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    CORR on COX4SD for San Diego Residents 6/16 -17

    Just spotted this on the CORR site:
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    Memorial Day

    Thank you to all who have served and sacrificed. To those serving, be safe and come home soon.
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    Billabong Pro Surf Contest - Teahupoo Tahiti on live Click the "Live" button for live video webcast. Finals today.
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    Thanks Weatherman, RDC, DP Cinco

    What a day! Congrats to every racer. All safe so far? Thanks RDC. Weatherman...Blonde Jokes nice, 18+ hours of service to racers, priceless.
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    Parker Updates / Tracking

    Keep us posted!!! Here's the Schedule from
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    '06 MDR Superstition Series Congrats - few MORE Dash clicks

    Congrats to all the competitors and Class Winners out at Plaster City last year, and specific congrats to: Looney Racing - Steve Looney / Mike Ballard and Team on the Overall and 1450 Class Championship...great year, they also took the SCORE Sportsman Class, and a couple of wins at CORR Chula...
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    Holiday Cheer