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  1. landin82

    Radio In 04 F150

    Has any one installed a communications radio in a 04 Ford F150? I have an icom radio I want to install in my truck before the Baja 500. My F150 Lariat has the console w the shifter in the floor panel so i dont have room to place it down there. The only solution i can come up w is inside the...
  2. landin82

    Code OXXO San Felipe 200 Results

    The Code San Felipe 200 Results are up.:cool:
  3. landin82

    2009 CODE Mexican Logistics 300 Results

    The results are up boyz n gals. Congrats to all the racers, this was a great race.
  4. landin82

    CODE Night Race Results Here

    Here is the link to the results of the CODE VW Autopartes Night Race Trucks http:// Bikes http://
  5. landin82

    CODE San Luis 250

    Ya esta el mapa de la carrera CODE Oasa San Luis 250. Evento empisara el 8, 9, y 10 de Febrero para mas informacion contacta a
  6. landin82

    CODE San Luis 250

    CODE San Luis 250 map has gone up. Event is to be held Feb. 8, 9, and 10. For more info contact
  7. landin82

    Gboffroad Crew

    How's it going RDC familia? My name is Daniel Landin from the Y-Town (Yuma), Az. I help out w/ pit duties, co-drive for GBOFFROAD and I am currently building my very own Class 7 Ranger. Well there is a little 411 about me. I ll see you all @ the races.