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  1. Triton_Eng

    AWD Brenthel Trophy Truck

    Yes, T-case and trans as well. You're correct, Brenthel also uses 74WELD portals but the upright is tailored to their geometry.
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    AWD Brenthel Trophy Truck

    Yep, bulkhead and suspension kit..
  3. Triton_Eng

    AWD Brenthel Trophy Truck

    We(Triton Engineering) designed and built the IFS kit and Eric grafted it onto his truck at his shop. It utilizes Albins front diff and 74WELD 4-Gear Portal Uprights
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    RPM TT#4

    I agree, 24" seems a little inflated, especially when you add steering to the mix. We have had a lot of success with the front 4WD IFS Kit we designed and built for Loren Healy. He went undefeated last season on it, and the kit maxed out at 19.5" of travel. We've had the opportunity to design...
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    Whelchel Testing

    We were leading on corrected time when we lost 2nd and 3rd gear, around RM 155. Then, the power steering pump went out at about RM165. Limped it to RM 175 and called it a day.
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    Truck Trailing Arm

    I think we can help you out. Email me with details of what you're looking for.
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    *VIDEO* YouTheory Racing 2015 Mint 400

    Another great video, Bobby! I don't mean to toot my own horn, but our TT looked pretty good with how little test time we've had.
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    Nissan Mid Engine 7200 Resurrection

    It's different, I dig it! What's the final race-ready weight?
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    Thanks for sharing! Any specific reason you guys went away from the titanium springs?
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    Armada Engineerings Ranger back half rebuild

    Backhalf welded up. Battery trays, bump cans, jack mount, and oil cooler brackets in place and welded. Still need to finish fuel cell and radiator mounts, then sheetmetal.
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    ****Pretty Welds....****

    Miller Dynasty 300, 1.75"x.120" DOM, er70
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    No updates on the truck yet, been very busy moving into our new shop. Once we get set up, truck will go under the knife and updates will fallow :)
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    Hey guys, thanx for all the support, it's greatly appreciated! As of now the S10 has gone on the backburner, as my business partner and I have been extremely busy with our new business and devoting the majority of our time into the design of a new Trophy Truck build. No set date for the rebuild...
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    Thanx! Can't tell you how bummed i am but oh well, pick up the pieces n move forward. Got something pretty cool planned for the new front end so stay tuned.
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    Haha i wouldn't blame glamis as much as i would my selfish desire for speed. So basically, got to glamis friday morning, was fighting cooling issues with the truck all day, finally figured out that the 2 water bleeders on the heads that "T" into the water lines weren't doing their job, so i...
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    Are you referring to the fact that it looks like a flacid penis... haha
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    Thanx for the compliments. Yes the rack functions similar to a howe minus the rack n pinion.. The reason I went with it is because I designed the bulkhead when I was about 19 n I didn't have the cash to buy a rack so my boss at the time(JMR) had all the parts to make a full hydro one, basically...
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    Truck is running and driving! Taking it for a shakedown run next week. still need to get fiberglass made for it.. Here's a pic of the full hydraulic steering control unit that i designed that is beeing used on the truck.
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    Black S-10

    Wow, bold statment. I've had plenty of experience with these shocks on multiple race cars and they work amazing.