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  1. Walter

    Dakar 2022 TV

    Fox Sports was shown as well on a Dakar page but I do not see it on their schedule.
  2. Walter

    Dakar 2022 TV

    Is Dakar '22 on any TV channel? It is streamed in different places, but any Cable/Satellite TV coverage?
  3. Walter

    TV coverage of 500

    The story on the Baja 500 says that, " The race will be televised on a delayed basis as a one-hour special on the ABC “World of X Games”". Does anyone know when this is scheduled to be shown?
  4. Walter

    SCORE - San Felipe 250?

    IndyCar and NASCAR just dumped their races this weekend and the next few as well. Folks are right: The race is not the issue, the people are.
  5. Walter

    Dakar 2020 viewing

    NBCSN shows it as starting on Monday, Jan. 6 at 3pm MST.
  6. Walter

    Bad Fires in Baja...
  7. Walter

    Hydrate or die...

    Getting used to it is important, as some of you have pointed out. In the old days Bob Hannah and his then-wrench Keith McCarty used to drive the box van to the MX races in the heat. Other riders flew. Bob always kicked ass and took names when the weather got toasty and the other riders...
  8. Walter

    Hydrate or die...

    Check out Hammer Nutrition's site for some good information (click the "Education" tab) and products. They are big in cycling and running and have been branching into other sports, including motocross. They have hydration-only products, hydration and energy (w/o the flash and crash of the...
  9. Walter

    BAJA 500 Accident Moto vs TT

    I ran a bike with SCORE in the late 70's and early 80s. Never had an issue with cars. Trust me, Vessels, Malcolm, Parnelli, Bud and a host of others were as serious, if not more so, than the car/truck pilots today. We always gave us other room and showed each other courtesy. Saw this even...
  10. Walter

    How to get into offroad racing

    Try a motorcycle first. Way cheaper to start with a bike than a car. Support/maintenance requirements are cheaper as well. Learn logistics, support, planning and the vibe. Then, if you are appropriately funded, move to a car. I have done both.
  11. Walter

    I just saw your post about vintage bikes. Great photo of your car reflected in the old Husky...

    I just saw your post about vintage bikes. Great photo of your car reflected in the old Husky tank. Great image aside, I do not want to go back to the desert on my vintage suspended bikes!
  12. Walter

    Post your old race photos!

    Some oldies... The bike photo is from the '80 Baja 500. The Class 10 car photo is probably Parker in '85.
  13. Walter

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    This just came up on SCORE's site: Overall Finish Order – 2018 Baja 500 – SCORE Race Info
  14. Walter

    On Topic 50th SCORE Baja 500

    Are the results for the bikes up anywhere? Thanks.
  15. Walter

    New racer Baja 500

    Before the first 500 I did in '79 Brian Farnsworth gave our little amateur team some great advice the night before the start. "Do not ride it like a MX. After the first 100 miles, there will be another 100 miles, then another. In the first 100 miles you will see guys trashed along the road...
  16. Walter

    SCORE chase team insurance

    Has anyone had to use the SCORE chase team insurance they sell? Good coverage? Easy to get claims paid? I see it ends when the race ends (it would not cover the road trip back to the US).
  17. Walter

    Parker 425 Live Coverage?

    Explorer 11
  18. Walter

    Parker 425 Live Coverage?

    Is Class 6100 in the second race?
  19. Walter

    Parker 425 Live Coverage?

    The free tracker would not work on Explorer (would not bring up the classes) but did on Firefox...thanks for the link.
  20. Walter

    Parker 425 Live Coverage?

    Is there any free live tracking or real time race reports? I tried the link shown early in the thread and it will not bring up the classes to follow. It appears to require a paid subscription...