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  1. red-dirt

    TORC at TMS May 15-16 / TORE Guys will be there

    my 4 yr old has been taking my calls.
  2. red-dirt

    Tt #54!

    good job JJ, when's the next party in Austin?
  3. red-dirt

    TORC at TMS May 15-16 / TORE Guys will be there

    i'll be there!!
  4. red-dirt

    Celebrity Apprentice

    i was thinking the same thing, done watching.
  5. red-dirt

    TT89 TORE Shamrock 200

    I'll bring extra SHINER.
  6. red-dirt

    SCORE Baja 500 Drawing Results???

    which truck is 28 running?
  7. red-dirt

    *OFFICIAL* BITD Terrible's 250 Photo Thread

    looks like you had to check in body parts every lap to record completion in the TT class.
  8. red-dirt

    Terrible 250 vs Terrible Town 250

  9. red-dirt

    BMS M3 Mini Metal Project

    where did it go!!
  10. red-dirt

    Mint 400 Palapaboy 702 ICC

    maybe a request to BLM to have the silt removed!!
  11. red-dirt

    Erick, OK/Shamrock 200 Race - Memorial Day Weekend

    the more the better, come on out.
  12. red-dirt

    Some clips from the SF250

    nice vidio, with that music in the background sounds like baja porn.
  13. red-dirt

    Mini/Lite race vehicles, 2 years later...

    there was a issue w/bitd and score as to what the rules and classes would be. alot of people that were building before were kinda put on hold untill it was put in writing.
  14. red-dirt


    you gotta admit it would have been the most talked about race (besides RG ) of the weekend win or lose. nothing against JCR just would have liked to see it.
  15. red-dirt

    Is Collins too dangerous?

    as a rider you should always be ready for that situation. i'll ask my pits every time ( where's the trucks?) and watch for heli's. rider's beware.
  16. red-dirt


    i would have used my chase truck with my guys payed for my own fuel,food,pit food whatever it took to see that race between Bell & JCR.
  17. red-dirt

    RG protest ????

    the chances of me overalling a race are slim to none, it's fun i'll go anyway.
  18. red-dirt


    i would have pitched in.
  19. red-dirt

    RG protest ????

    according to wheatherman relay sat. night, post brought video to paul at around10 to 11 pm.
  20. red-dirt


    what happened, how come he did not start?