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  1. al_bisig


    I'm going to TORC St. Louis but have a few questions. Is the track done? What does the track look like? What about seating? Hope its a great show as long as the Midwest weather hold up.
  2. al_bisig

    Build Ram Runner For sale at Dealer

    I work at Olathe Dodge in Olathe, Ks and for some reason we build not one but two Mopar Ram Runner. And they are for sale.
  3. al_bisig

    2XL Games’ Jeremy McGrath’s Offraod Racing

    A new 2XL off-road game, looks sweet.
  4. al_bisig

    So Who is the Team Hot Wheels Yellow Driver?

    What Pro 2 is it and who is driving it?
  5. al_bisig

    How A Baja Racer Saved An American Missionary's Life

    Did anyone hear about this?
  6. al_bisig

    Armored Baja Truck

    I think it can handle Baja.
  7. al_bisig

    First Ford SVT Raptor Wrecked
  8. al_bisig

    1998 Off Road Championship Series

    1998 Off Road Championship Series from Inside Monster Jam TV Show
  9. al_bisig

    Mickey Thompson Off Road Racing

    Great footage
  10. al_bisig

    Red Bull X Fighters Fort Worth LIVE Webcast

    7:15P/10:15P P/E Tonight. Go to
  11. al_bisig

    All Pro Crash Off Road

    Looks fun. I think I'm going to buy it.
  12. al_bisig

    Al Bisig

    I've been into off-road racing forever, All since my dad took me to my first race. I've known about RDC for about 8 years, on it all through high school, got me through the 4 long years. The best off-road racing web site. I've got a All Black 2001 Toyota Tacoma Double Cab 4x4 TRD off-road...