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  1. red-dirt


    what happened, how come he did not start?
  2. red-dirt

    rear tire??

    what is the best rear tire for desert/ rocky courses?? thanks.
  3. red-dirt

    class rules?

    are the rules the same w/all promotors in class 9? what's top speed on these cars, and how much can you abuse them? thanks for any input.
  4. red-dirt

    rear shock/XR-650

    any info on a good rear shock set-up for 230# rider (desert).
  5. red-dirt

    V-drive cooling

    What is the best way to keep the v-drive cool [ in a truck ]?
  6. red-dirt

    best bars for desert ?

    i have a xr-650 and my hands go numb after awhile. i know this is somewhat normal, but just wondering.
  7. red-dirt

    full colorado glass???

    looking for a complete race body, prefer one piece front for colorado. Paul Vaughan Wooten Metal RED DIRT
  8. red-dirt

    class 7 chassis

    can you run a full tube chassis in class 7,or do you have to run some of the stock frame?
  9. red-dirt

    rhino build

    its not a trophy truck but its mine. roadrash is just another trophy [RED DIRT]
  10. red-dirt

    custom window nets?

    need some custom window nets made kind of quick,any help? fishnet or mesh,no ribbon style. feed the soil with your oil. RED DIRT
  11. red-dirt

    glass side panels 5-unlimited?

    looking for fiberglass side panels for a 5-unlimited car. road rash is just another trophy-RED DIRT
  12. red-dirt

    1800 Class

    Do you have to run a Rhino hood for the class?Would like to change hoods.Im building a new car need to know as it changes my chassis. A little blood on the ground is good< RED DIRT.
  13. red-dirt

    hello my name is Paul

    love the desert,sometimes you leave some DNA/red-dirt.