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    Getting a plate for a prerunner

    thats the great thing about bugs. Ive plated 3 all under the same title.
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    35s and glass?

    while not a Silverado, I ran glass and 35's on my F150. I recently went to 37's and the visual difference is really non existent unless you know. Worst case scenario if it really bugs you is run your ride height a little bit lower. I think youll be fine.
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    Should light buggies start mixed with heavy metal

    The Mint already does that.
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    Should light buggies start mixed with heavy metal

    no...leave more for the rest of us.
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    Should light buggies start mixed with heavy metal

    i think the answer is obvious: Land rush start, all classes. just line up ALL vehicles, fire off the cannon and go baby go!
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    Where is the best place to buy OEM Ford parts?

    gotcha. I typically have fairly large orders so i dont notice the shipping.
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    Where is the best place to buy OEM Ford parts?

    i order all my OEM ford stuff from Hevent let me down yet.
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    Racer Licensing

    as a newer racer Ill chime in my .01 cents: License unlimited classes. At a minimum they should have at least a single race in a limited class, OR get a vouch from an established unlimited racer. a Sponsor if you will. leave limited unlicensed, but at a minimum have some kind of web test as...
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    I have a homework assignment for everyone on RDC.

    On stadium trucks from the 90's vs today, I wonder how much size would come into play? Back then stadiums were (or so it seemed) bigger since a lot of them were multi use vs todays "every city has a dedicated sports arena per team" model...that, and even small trucks have grown in size, which...
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    I have a homework assignment for everyone on RDC.

    as a newer racer, id support a unified system 100%. it would honestly make things significantly easier, and cost effective if we only needed to worry about building the car to meet one rule book, not picking which one we plan to primarily race. I feel it would make life easier on tech officials...
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    I have a homework assignment for everyone on RDC.

    I dont even finish races in my underclassed 5 car and i still have fun. you also keep bringing up class 11, im sure if you can present 8-10 other 4 cylinder toyotas that will regularly come out, almost any Race Org will create a class just for them.
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    Help with Shock Hoops for Dirt King Long Travel Kit

    hard to tell in those shots, but it almost appears the top of the shock is hitting the hoop itself. agree with ^^- those bolts need to be swapped out asap, and honestly, those welds concern me as well.
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    1600 vs UTV trade offs

    One of the upsides of a UTV (one that may get a fair share of insults even for saying it) is the finance aspect. You can walk in and finance the chassis, then pay for the upgrades out of pocket to be race ready without the full price tag up front. I honestly feel that is what keeps the UTV...
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    Which Harbor Freight floor Jack to mount in the bed?

    I have the 1.5 with skid for my 5U car...It struggles lifting the business end of the car.
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    custom car covers

    So at this years Mint, I saw a 10 car on a trailer with Im assuming a custom cover... Just curious if anyone knew where to get one? Not always feasible to bring an enclosed, and Id prefer to have my car covered if its something I can easily track down.
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    Motorsports Safety Solutions Rescue 1 Stolen

    normally im against crowdfunding, but this guy has saved my ass on more than one occasion. If someone has/is setting one up...let me know. Ill help re-outfit the truck.
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    Wheeeeewww!! Thats A Relief...

    real man would have contacted his divorce lawyer when she announced on TV she let a 20 something clap her cheeks then said it was his fault for not noticing.
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    So, Nothing on the Mint 400?

    I have the first 6 miles if you want it *insert laughing AND crying emoji’s here*
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    Gladiator x comp tire question!!

    good input. Ive been looking into throwing a set of 37's on my 150.