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  1. fishd00d

    Dave Caspino Desert Racing Hero Needs Our Help

    Dave is headed back to Ukraine to help more kids and families. He needs some help on his journey. He’s leaving May 1. Here is a link with more information of what he’s doing, some info about his last mission there a few weeks ago and how you can help! PCI has stepped up and donated 100 radios...
  2. fishd00d

    The State Of Offroad Racing

    Tomorrow Tuesday 3/9 at Noon PST tune into Fishgistics on Facebook or YouTube!!! Not gonna wanna miss this. What questions do you guys want us to ask?? Here’s who’s on the show Hosted by Cameron Steele and Travis Clarke which will feature 3 segments. Builders featuring Neal Mason , Rick...
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    Updated Fishgistics Trophy Truck Rankings

    Here is the list which now includes the 2017-2019 SCORE, BITD, and T1 KOH series!! Let the crying begin....again This is the correct list from 67 down. The above picture is wrong after 66.
  4. fishd00d

    SCORE / BITD Insurance or lack of.....

    I know this has been discussed before but it seems some things may have changed. I have been asked by a couple teams what other teams are doing for insurance when racing in Mexico and also in the states. I think it’s time this is discussed again before it’s needed and found out there is none or...
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    2019 Baja 500 Fishgistics TT odds

    Let the crying begin.
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    Pistol Pete Family GoFundMe

    I know Pete hated donating to something that takes a small % but these really do work. If anyone would rather be like Pete and send a check please PM me and ill give you the address. Pistol was the first to always help anyone who needed it so lets help out his family a little here and I know...
  7. fishd00d

    Official Pistol Pete GoFundMe and Pistol gear links

    Ok here is the official Sohren Family gofundme. I know Pistol hated these because of the fees they pay so if anyone would rather send a check PM me and ill get you the Sohren address.
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    Fishgistics World Trophy Truck Ranking Is Here!

    Ok here is the list that everyone has been waiting for. Here is a video that helps explain how we compiled the data to make this list. Let the butthurt begin!!
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    Fishgistics Baja 1000 Preview Show

    If you missed the show today or don’t have Facebook it’s also on our YouTube channel now! Everyone should check it out if you’re headed down to Baja this year for the 1000!
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    Vegas To Reno recap show LIVE on Fishgistics and RDC!

    Tomorrow at 2PM PST (6/30) we will be going LIVE from Baja HQ as Cameron Steele and Andy McMillin host the Vegas To Reno recap show! Guests on the show include the overall bike winner Jacob Argubright along with Class 1500/1 winner Cody Parkhouse, and 6100/Spec TT driver AJ Jones for our first...
  11. fishd00d

    1st Annual Fishgistics Charity Golf Tournament this coming Saturday!!

    Incase you havent heard yet we are doing our first annual charity golf tournament this coming weekend. This one is benefiting Fast-Aid and Rancho Santa Marta Orphanage. We have 16 player spots left and you have until Monday night to sign up so get on it if you want to play. The raffle prize...
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    Fishgistics Baja 500 Wrapup Show

    Incase some of you missed it today we did our Baja 500 wrapup show live from Baja HQ and we had a great time with some of the biggest names in offroad on the show! Its now up on our Youtube page so you can check it out if you missed it! As always feedback is appreciated as we are trying to make...
  13. fishd00d

    Fishgistics Baja 500 Prerun Videos!

    We spent last week down in Baja with defending Baja 500 champ Andy McMillin. Each day this week we will be posting a prerun video on our Facebook page. Here is the first video from today which covers RM40-240. Tomorrow will be the 240-finish and then a fun video and finally a spectator safety...
  14. fishd00d

    On Topic San Felipe Fishgistics Preview LIVE with PAB and Pistol!

    Incase you guys missed this show we did today it’s got some awesome course info including from the Brenthel bros who marked the course. Then we look at the entry list and tell everyone who’s gonna win and who’s not in the TT class!
  15. fishd00d

    Andy McMillin #1 qualifier pre race interview.

    PAB did a great job getting the scoop on everything race related and more from Andy a few min ago!
  16. fishd00d

    On Topic Who wants a ride in a TT?

    Thanks to the Bevly-Wilson team we are giving away a free ride in their TT! You just have to guess the winner of Parker and follow a couple simple steps. You can enter on the Fishgistics Facebook page! Pretty cool of them as it’s not everyday that someone can win a ride in a real TT!
  17. fishd00d

    Vegas To Reno Odds! Get your bets in!

    Vegas To Reno odds provided by Fishgistics as put together by an anonymous panel of esteemed racers and media. No safety pins to go with them sorry. 1 Jason Voss (30) Cupertino, CA - 2/1 - Has best birdwatching equipment in the sport 2 Tony Smiley (47) Buckeye, AZ - 50/1 - Lots of Smiles in...
  18. fishd00d

    We need a Droogsma Device in offroad racing.

    This thread is to discuss how we are going to come up with a new beacon type device to mount on all vehicles when racing. This beacon will flash when the race car is stuck or in trouble and be visible from very far away and through the silt. Let's figure out how to make this happen. It will be...
  19. fishd00d

    Who is/was the dirtiest short course racer?

    Simple question. Votes are anonymous for obvious reasons and hopefully to get real answers. Only 10 choices are allowed for the poll
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    This is the lamest thing I have read in a long time. SNORE you just failed big time. So SNORE updated their rule book and they did away with the 2 basic rules of the 1450 class. The 2 basic and only rules before were: A. Working Steel Doors B. Steel Cab Here are their new rules: SCR38 Doors...