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  1. Lance

    2011 Silverado 6.2L

    Looks good Matt
  2. Lance

    sorry, didnt get the message until today ive been super busy working...i would have loved to...

    sorry, didnt get the message until today ive been super busy working...i would have loved to have gone but i relocated to seattle a couple years ago
  3. Lance

    Help with my 04 Silverado

    3 inch spindles and leveling kit for same price as CST spindles..if you played in the dirt more I would say spend the extra dough on CST
  4. Lance

    Formula for computing anti-squat???

    P.s. Joe you might be over thinking it a little, time is money buddy
  5. Lance

    Formula for computing anti-squat???

    From work on drag cars for the last couple years ive learned that its all in the rear. Its the total opposite of a desert truck, I mean we are getting 1500 horses to nake the car hook up and go straight but a little change in the four link and the cars a whole different animal
  6. Lance

    -MY design style-

    Ive assembled a bunch of your parts in the past for a couple shops i worked for, they always seem to go together awesome. Keep it up and I might be needing some assistance in some parts in the near future
  7. Lance

    Morgan bros racing products class 1 car

    In my opinion Josh is right on this one, but I guess you'll find out during a testing session if it works for you guys
  8. Lance

    Its been a while

    Thanks buddy, the car was orginally set up with a big block but now its got a 406 in should be racing in 3 weeks
  9. Lance

    Its been a while

    I havent posted anything in a while so heres some headers I built for a Nova this week
  10. Lance

    107 cops racing race report

    Im glad the Cops team is putting that Racer car to good use. If they can keep it together and finish the race i think a lot of people are going to be in trouble!
  11. Lance

    "El Gordo"

    This are good man, I opened up a shop up here just livin the dream and missing the desert. We might need to talk I need some equipment haha!
  12. Lance

    Camburg built KINETIK Trophy Truck for Greene Motorsport

    We used the same pan on the Racer Class 1, its one awesome setup for sure. Looks good Jerry
  13. Lance

    "El Gordo"

    Podium prep builds a nice dash. I miss working with them guys
  14. Lance

    Any news on the Oregon desert race?

    Sorry to hear that, hopefully everyrhing gets squared away for mew to the NW is there no other places around where we can orginize an event?
  15. Lance

    Fabricating aluminum dash and door panels???

    Cardboard or posterboard templates work then transfer to aluminum cut weld takes a special eye for things and tons of practice
  16. Lance

    Any news on the Oregon desert race?

    Yeah, we need a steady race series up here even if its 3 races it would be nice
  17. Lance

    TSCO - Laughlin Saturday **VIDEO**

    Nice video, looks like they were on a mission!
  18. Lance

    Any news on the Oregon desert race?

    Just wondering whats going on with that, and if there are enough people that would like to get some sort of series figured out?
  19. Lance

    John Langley / Cops Racing

    He purchased an awesome car recently
  20. Lance

    Mexican Federal Police Mystery Lear Jet

    thats where all the money the federalis take from me everytime i down there goes...its all making sense now!