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  1. Scrapiron

    Gibbs engines in the desert

    It seems like the Gibbs engines are not doing well in the desert.
  2. Scrapiron

    Score/ HDRA chassis tag/inspection

    Are they still going to enforce the chassis tags? I would bet that there are many vehicles that have raced HDRA that have not or can not get a Score chassis tag. Or will HDRA require all vehicles to get a Score tag?
  3. Scrapiron

    Bend-Tech Pro Anybody here use this? Is it easier to figure out than Solidworks?
  4. Scrapiron

    HDRA Rocking on the River [COLOR="#FF0000"]Results[/COLOR]

    Any first day results?
  5. Scrapiron

    Trade me your 1600 car

    Trade me your 1600 and some cash for my prerunner.
  6. Scrapiron

    The truth about Nasser Al-Attiyah

    So what is the reason the he quit the Dakar? Will race with Robby again? Does he feel like the equipment was sub par?
  7. Scrapiron

    Parker Results

    What no camera phones? Looking for 1568 Reid/Keller class 1 results.
  8. Scrapiron

    Pro 1600

    Is pro 1600 dead? Any plans for a side bet a BAP
  9. Scrapiron

    Trailer Axle Camber

    I'm making a new set of axles for my trailer. I know that they need some camber built into them. I just need to know how much.
  10. Scrapiron

    Robby not with Toyota

    Just saw on Jayski that Robby is going to be with Chevy next year. Must need some more TT engines.
  11. Scrapiron

    Dunaway Dash

    Will Drive be able to pick up the permit for the Dash?
  12. Scrapiron

    Sheldon Creed wins another one!

    Congrats to Sheldon for winning the Dwarf car main event at Barona Speedway this last weekend.
  13. Scrapiron

    San Diego Morning radio SUCKS!!!! NO "DSC"

    No more Dave, Shelly and Chainsaw. WTF!!!! Clear Channel got rid of Jeff & Jer not that I care, Then Mikey from the Mikey Show, Now the "DSC". I hate Clear Channel right now. I hope they lose all of the advertisers from that were part of the DSC.
  14. Scrapiron

    Going rate for chromoly tubing

    Anyone know the going rate for: 1 1/2" .083 1 1/2" .095 1 1/2" .120 I'm trying to budget for my project.
  15. Scrapiron

    Troy Herbst 110 at the 1000

    Is the landshark out of retirement?
  16. Scrapiron

    LS1 Alternator pulley

    Do I need a larger pulley on my alternator so it won't spin to fast?
  17. Scrapiron

    Bridgestone To Pull Out Of AMA Motocross/Supercross

    I stole this from cycle news. I guess it will be Dunlop or Maxxis tires from now on. I see this as a bad move there part. The following is from Bridgestone... After eighteen successful seasons of competition in AMA Supercross and Motocross, the Bridgestone brand has made the decision to...
  18. Scrapiron

    5/8" mono ball cup

    Does anyone know where I can get cups for a 5/8" mono ball "shock hiem" Thanks John
  19. Scrapiron

    Sommers brothers boot question

    Does anyone have pics of the bearing setup that seals the boot to the axle. I know that I have seen this but I don't have first hand knowledge of them. I know someone that is having a problem with dirt and water getting into the hub and causing premature wear. Thanks John
  20. Scrapiron

    Beer mans truck for sale?

    His truck looks so dialed at every race. I wonder why it's for sale? Maybe he's selling out to Inbev co