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    Mounting Harnesses with Eyebolts to Tubing - Poll

    Hey guys; doing some research and I've seen a few threads in the past with these three options. Just wanted to get others' opinions and see if anything has changed since the last thread... Thanks for looking/voting
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    Longtube headers on a 2008 silverado

    I would keep the cats irreguardless of emissions and put a set of highflow cats on (since you already have headers, go with the magnaflow high flow cats). My old truck had dynatech longtubes that came with highflow cats. You should not notice a difference between highflow/no cats... Are you...
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    5.3 vortec engine management

    I hear Painless makes one (below) but don't know anyone who has used it. I am not sure if the Turnkeyengine house supports the LM7 or if the harnesses are compatitble, but I have seen theirs used with the LQ9 converted to cable throttles. The other I did a quick search for, so I don't know if...
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    Throttle Problems

    To me, a 125 main sounds wayyyyyyyy off and waaaaayyyyyyyyyy smalll!!! If you have an exhaust/airbox cut, you should be closer to 160-180 range. What does your plug look like? That could give you an idea if you are rich or lean. For starters you could use a JD Jetting kit. I think they make...
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    Bitd pre-fun-run parker 425

    First time at a BITD event. I was really impressed with the turnout and the professionalism of the BITD team. Casey and his team did a great job and made me feel welcome! And the lunch was impressive too.
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    4l60 to 4l80 4wd conversion

    What are you looking to do with the truck? Or what do you currently do? What engine/mods does your truck have? What gears? What size tires? What does "built" mean to you? Do you have a transmission cooler? To quickly answer your question though......Harness, yoke, crossmember, transmissions...
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    Throttle Problems

    I agree \m/, but you may look at rejetting the whole carb. Most Japanese bikes come lean from the factory. You need to adjust needle and jets to get the most out of the bikes. But I would go further and say you should look at getting a more open air filter (I am partial to foam ones such as...
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    YZ-450 Can I Convert to Electric Start?

    You have two people who know and have posted. To put a starter on requires a case that has a mount/hole for the starter to fit into. Then you have to buy the starter and hook up the electrical system to it and find a place for a battery....We haven't said it's not possible, but you would only...
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    YZ-450 Can I Convert to Electric Start?

    It would be cheaper/easier to buy a bike with the E-start already installed. I know on the honda's it wouldn't work because the engines aren't exactly interchangeable; I assume it would be similar with other makes of bikes. Sell your bike and get yourself a YZF (of CRF) and be done with it
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    Nice airfoil shape. And I like you thought to put some material in the back to deal with potential hits from Sam B. Really...? Too many variables.....when you get to aircraft design, tell me that the number of variables in offroad racing are more complicated than an an aircraft with 6...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    I found some shmaerodynamics the 1X team needs to start using! Based on the interest....I think we should create a new class for aerodynamic cars/trucks! What is everyones' ideas on suspension/undercarriage? Obviously shortening the ground clearance won't work all the way.... I was...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    This and the last one made me laugh. I didn't want to be the first to call the guy out... Just curious, (I can't tell) did you take into accound the driver/passenger, the radiators? I agree 100%! The less boxey/sharp the lines on the truck are and the less areas for the air to run into...
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    Aerodynamics in off road racing

    Simply put....the dimples cause the air flow to stick to the ball longer which reduces the drag. The dimples also create lift and allow the ball to be controlled in direction by the spin. If you want the long version I think they have some good websites with pictures that get into some depth on...
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    Dark beer

    ++++1 on the cocnut porter. This is one of my favorites. I also like the 1554. I Do a mix with it though. Take the Sonoran Brewing Company's White Chocolate Ale and mix that with the 1554. It is really tasty. I just tried a coffee stout the other day. It was nice. At Yard House...
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    Fun with your AR-15

    My buddy has one on his AK. So fun and it's hard to see where they go
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    ADRA Thunder Rock 150

    I brought my camera for fun. I'll post the ones I had shortly. We got to the poker run late and wasn't able to get any on the course or people passing by because we wanted to get out ourselves.
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    Knee Brace for Riding

    CTI's you always wear directly on the knee. They give you knee socks or knee underwear (don't know how to better describe it...) that you can wear with them, but the braces are fitted and hand made to fit directly. If you go over pants, the pant material would be too thick to give you the proper...
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    Best 450X Battery - Lithium worth the $$$

    A couple of those resources lurk on this site as well! What seems to be the problem with the jetting? To start out with....What are your specs for the bike? Intake/exhaust/cut airbox/jet kit/weather and altitude you ride at?
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    Best 450X Battery - Lithium worth the $$$

    There are actually 2 batteries from Shorai that work on the X. I just put the higher amperage one on my bike. It is a little more money, but is supposed to have a longer lifespan and easier starting.
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    Chevy Silverado Engine

    The quickest way to get power is Forced Induction, either by means of a supercharger or turbo charger. Magnacharger and vortechs are popular brands for superchargers, and STS and Turbonetics for turbochargers. Not only is this the easy route, but it happens to be the most expensive. Other...