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  1. Polarcub

    RIP Harry Dunne

    A true loss to many...Godspeed Harry.
  2. Polarcub

    MORE/SNORE Night Race - Oquendo Roll #1466 - MWilsonPhoto

    Mark, great sequence on the 990 I was hoping someone got that hit it was a doozy!
  3. Polarcub

    M.O.R.E Freedom 250, 2013

    Thanks dave....looks to be a great field! THe racing should be tight but I am confident the 990 will be in the mix. Matt is driving great and the new car is working just as well. Looking forward to an exciting race!
  4. Polarcub

    who does Ibeam and coil over front suspension in san diego

    Check out Mark does some great work!
  5. Polarcub

    SNORE/MORE Midnight Special updates

    Any updates on the particular 924?
  6. Polarcub

    Class 9 SHOOTOUT ((video))

    Very Nice Tuba! That was a great video of swingers!
  7. Polarcub

    R.I.P. Ron Bechard

    Our condolences to family and friends
  8. Polarcub

    You asked for it; TOBY's picks for July...

    THanks didnt see it hidden in there haha
  9. Polarcub

    You asked for it; TOBY's picks for July...

    What about the Kaveman team 990 Matt Creveling?
  10. Polarcub

    Spares wanted to "Borrow" Please help if you can!

    Dave did you get a chase radio? If not I can loan you an icom no antenna though I just need to pull it form my bronco next week. Let me or Matt know. Jeremy
  11. Polarcub

    What does it take to codrive?

    Just my two cents....and it has already been said but chemistry with the driver helps for sure....outside of that your co-dawg has to have the fortitude to say something and not just wuss out. I made that mistake once and the results ended up in the car getting wadded up. I knew we were going...
  12. Polarcub

    WTB used super diggers

    Contact Philo...hes on the board as (PHILO) FB page is Mohave batteries or 2921 Friendly Place #6 Bullhead City, AZ 86442 Open until 7:00 pm..Phone 1 928.758.8658 Website Even though hes in AZ hes out this way alot and seems to find the yoks often. Let him...
  13. Polarcub

    Bending beams

    You can give Desert Concepts a call in the Hesperia 1 760 553 5296ask for Bryan and let him know Jeremy suggested you call.
  14. Polarcub

    OHV Defense Council Forms to Protect Grant Funding

    Thank you CORVA...posted on DesertConcepts INC and Kaveman Motorsports FB page.....
  15. Polarcub

    Class 9 racing partner?

    Giti I would be happy to but i have already made some family commitments and my bronco is down for some upgrades on this one, I cant speak for Matt but if something changes I will let you know.
  16. Polarcub

    Class 9 racing partner?

    Good Luck guys!
  17. Polarcub

    Dirt Division Full Movie - A leap day gift for la familia

    That was great! Thanks for sharing!
  18. Polarcub

    My 2012 KOH Pictures

    Nice shots! any of 4454?
  19. Polarcub

    Bud Ward Promo edit

  20. Polarcub

    Wicked Creations Inc. has moved!!

    Congrats on the move guys!