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  1. Polarcub

    SS 300 Lost and Found

    The 4454 lost a spare tire due to a hit form another car if you found a 39" Baja please let me know we would really like to have it back. Thanks!
  2. Polarcub

    Thanks PCI

    The Desert Concepts Team would like to give a huge thank you to the PCI team at Silver State this last weekend. I cant tell you how much we appreciated you staying late to help us fix our GPS problems! The team also appreciated the cocktails haha....
  3. Polarcub

    Helmet paint

    I am currently on deployment with the USS Nimitz and its Battle group. The Commanding officer of the Nimitz is turning command over and the officers on board are looking to get him a going away present. They have a design that they want to have painted on a half lid Harley style helmet . My...
  4. Polarcub

    Trail glow HIDs

    Just wanted to let you all know if your going to get lights from Trail Glow paul has inventory of 7 and 9 inch lights and is selling only to class 9 and 7s until the 1st of may. Make sure you let him know your a class 9 or 7s when you order. Jeremy
  5. Polarcub

    Need some help

    Do any of you know of a shop/person etc that can fill shocks with N2 near Lake elsinore/temecula area? I need to get a set charged if possible this week without driving to the OC. Thanks . Jeremy
  6. Polarcub

    lost and found for 1508 titan truck???

    My brother and I just got back from the MORE race, what a great time as usual. COLD though. Anyways we retrieved something from the 1580 Titan truck. Please drop me or MR. Matt a PM and we will figure out how to get it back to you. I am sure that you will want it back. Also if it helps you lost...
  7. Polarcub

    can a 393 stroker pass CA smog

    Okay I have spent alot of time searching and I cant quite get the answer maybe I am just dense. I am looking to rebuild my 95 broncos 5.8, I am considering going to a stroker but I would like to maintain the vehicle as street legal. So my question is can it be done legally. I already have...
  8. Polarcub

    question on ettiquette?

    I was wondering what you all think about this and I want to make sure I was not being a complete *****idiot, here is the situation: At the ORAF race this weekend we were leaving after race start trying to get back to our main pit before our car out at check 2 (class 9), well anyways we worked...
  9. Polarcub

    Hello My name is Polarcub

    Hello all, First I want to thank all of you for the valued info provided here. As far as who I am I play in a 95 Bronco that is a chase vehicle and trail toy if you see who you think is OJ running hard ou there then its probably me. I usually run in the company of my Brother MrMatt and my...