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    94 yota downey questions

    Alrighty guys I recently figured out that the front suspension on my truck appears to be the downey upper arm kit and has sway away torsions. the stoch shock mounts were used and I thought Downey had offered shock hoops for their kit which would greatly improve my travel i would think. Any...
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    newbie beadlock question

    So i'm curious about beadlocks for my truck yet dont know much, as far as can any wheel get beadlocks installed to them or do i have top buy them a certain way or just complete from trail ready??? im not tryin to spend 300 per wheel. any feedback is greatly appreciated.
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    tc 4x4 vs jd fab 4x4 kit

    Hey there guys I currently have a 2wd toyota pickup project but after getting stuck in the mud after the recent rain I'm considering changing to a 4wd. This of course would be anotherprerunner mobber daily driver project but i"m contemplating the tc kit vs the jd fab kit and was wondering if...
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    anyone with experience with duffco?

    I'm doin a budget build on my 94 toyota and wanted to know if anyone has or knows anything about duffco
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    newbie to the forum

    hello my name is Brad and i'm from Lake Elsinore California. I pretty much grew up on dirt bikes so naturally I gained an interest in offroading. I currently have a 94 toyota that I have big plans for but am on a pretty limited budget. I work full time as a security guard which sucks but its a...