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  1. Desert Theory

    2nd Overall In Our New Class 1

    We are truly excited about finishing 2nd overall, the first time racing our Class 1, Jimco. I have our new video documenting the race uploaded. If you’re interested, please check out the video on YouTube. Desert Theory
  2. Desert Theory

    Our Off Road Racing Vlog.

    Hi Dan, Jimco 2 has been in storage and hasn’t changed at all since your family raced it. The McMillin M is still on the car but hidden under a sticker. If we took that sticker off, this car would look exactly like it did in the Big Blue “M” book. We have plans to do a NORRA race at some...
  3. Desert Theory

    Our Off Road Racing Vlog.

    That’s a good point, I will be better.
  4. Desert Theory

    Our Off Road Racing Vlog.

    Hi Everyone, We have started an off road racing vlog. Our team is trying to promote our sport by showing what we do with a weekly video. Hopefully we can show our love of the sport, how it promotes family time, the amount of business our sport brings to the towns that host us, and that we...
  5. Desert Theory


    Bro-Dozer is correct, getting paid to race cars and JUST race cars is a 1 in a million opportunity. That being said, there are a lot of people finding creative ways to make money and attract sponsors on YouTube. Who would have thought that the MN Millennial Farmer could find a way to get 880,000...