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  1. B-Dub 1020

    Merry Christmas Racers

    Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to my offroad friends. I was sitting this morning having a cup of coffee with my grand daughter on my lap. It made me realize how blessed I am. God is awesome truly. The shop with a cop highlights came on our local news. It made me think of Locations racing ...
  2. B-Dub 1020

    Congrats to Cody Freeman Laughlin winner and SNORE champion

    Well Cody , D.F. got a thread so I had to. Great job on your wins and Championship in SNORE. Don't spend that $20,000 all in one place. You are def. one of the fastest ever in class 10. You and Bryan should be put in class 1's haha. CONGRATS 702
  3. B-Dub 1020

    Single seat ,light weight 10 cars with 2.4s vs 2 seat for short course dez races.

    Is it fair for races like Laughlin , BAP or Bluewater challenge etc. (Short course) style races for single seat light weight cars to have the same engine as a heavy 2 seater. These races need a minimum weight rule for 1 or 2 seaters to compete or and engine rule like class 1/2 1600 has IMO. How...
  4. B-Dub 1020

    Official results Baja

    Well I was just wondering when will SCORE have all the tracking infractions/penalties resolved and the official nothing can change results done. Being serious and not bashing just curious with new owners and tracking system.
  5. B-Dub 1020

    BITD Henderson Race puts class 10 in morning heat with less miles

    How many class 10 racers are going to race somewhere else now. BITD is putting class 10 in the morning heats and not allow them to do full race miles. What if this happens at the Mint and class 10 cannot run the full 400 miles and is put in the morning heats. Just looking for opinions.
  6. B-Dub 1020

    Is HDRA gone. Rumor or True

    Will there be something about this on dirt live tonight. Even if there was permit problems with the BIA people are saying there were only like 30 entries. Why? They seem to put on good races with lots of extras going on at the events. Some are saying the HDRA title world champion will not mean...
  7. B-Dub 1020

    Racing in China

    Good luck to mt friends Harley Letner and Henry B (the best crew chief in the business) going to race the streamline in China. For those of us that do not do much face book keep us posted of how its going. These guys are class acts and always show professionalism. Im jealous poppa Wood!!
  8. B-Dub 1020

    Congrats to Hutchins Motorsports

    Thought this would have been done already. Great job winning class 1 V-2-R to CJ , Mark and the entire Hutchins crew. I knew it was coming you guys have been so close on many races. These guys were the best ever in class 10 IMO and moved up. You guys are truly class acts and there will be more...
  9. B-Dub 1020

    Whats the next big turn out for those that cant afford V-2-R

    OK lets get group to race something. V-2-R is 10k by the time your done with entry, tracker, chase fuel , rooms etc. and thats a little much for my budget right now. Suggestions
  10. B-Dub 1020

    BFG / Jackson Motor Sports lower price

    Thanks everyone. With JMS and racers voicing concerne along with BFG listening to the class 10 racers the price of Baja 33 x10.50x 15 have been reduced to $250 ea if your in the BFG program. Thanks again to everyone that called.You get a flat with one of these and its driver error lol!
  11. B-Dub 1020

    Congrats To Justin, Kevin and Kim Davis and the entire Green Army famila

    Well what can I say. You guys raced against some of the best TT"s known to our sport and got the job done. THESE GUYS ARE FOR REAL. Way to go Green Army. OUTSTANDING run.
  12. B-Dub 1020

    Class 10 racers only, please comment on the private class 10 board

    Hey class 10 racers. PLEASE go to our private class 10 board and comment on the bonus money thread. P-Diddy can get you on there if your not signed up. Let every class 10 team know somehow, facebook etc. Pat if you think it would be better on the desert racing forum please copy and post. Thanks.
  13. B-Dub 1020

    We had bonus money locked in. Why are we independent egos instead of a group.

    Hi everyone. Just wanted to run this by you all. When we were getting pro-10 going and I sent out ballots. I had bonus money on top of purse payout locked in with promoters. Example Casey @ BITD told me that he would give pro-10 a $100 a car bonus payout if we brought 20-30 class 10"s. SNORE was...
  14. B-Dub 1020

    Class 10 racers PLEASE

    Hi everyone. I would like to talk to you Friday about BFG Bajas and what we can do to help our class. We have their ear and they would like some feedback. I will be around the WRP and the fastaid setup. Thanks Bill W
  15. B-Dub 1020

    Rumor True or False - BITD gonna stop 2.4 in single seat 10's

    Anyone know more about this, I have had a couple people mention this to me but I know nothing about it.
  16. B-Dub 1020

    2.4eco-tech long blocks , why are they hard to find

    Does anyone know where to find 2.4 long block eco-tecs.
  17. B-Dub 1020

    Congrats Coleman Motorsports 1600 Baja 500 win

    Way to go Jason and CJ for and awesome run, Great prep big B and CJ thanks for using my youngin K-Dub AKA Turbo as your navigator. Jason your entire team rocks !!
  18. B-Dub 1020

    Congrats Freeman bros

    I've been a little under the weather and not getting to races or out doing much. But I did here Cody and Bryan put on a show in class 10. Lets hear some class 10 stories and congrats boys
  19. B-Dub 1020

    Pictures/Updates/Results from Norra Mexican 1000

    Anyone have pictures from Tech at the Norra race, this race is on my bucket list. I would love to do this race in something that I first raced in. An old chenwth or bronco/jeep. Hint Hint to my sons haha!!
  20. B-Dub 1020

    Reno race HDRA 4th of July Class 10 bonus

    How many 10 cars can we get to comit and I will see about a class 10 bonus. Everybody spread it around and lets get a huge car count and payback. Lets get a list going