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  1. pjc

    Starlink ESIM - Mobile approved by the FCC

    Great news!! Starlink ESIM - Earth Station In Motion is approved! Now I don't have to drive to Baja to test my RCKIT - Race Car Kit. 🙃
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    Garage Scenes

  3. pjc

    Pipeline Welder in Nebraska

  4. pjc

    Before Selfies...

    I am old. I have had a lot of fun. I was fortunate to grow up in a time when life was real and not a tiktok, selfie pic.. Here's what we did when we were bored back then..
  5. pjc

    Power Tool Battery Base Radios

    I am working on this at request from the 1035 team. They want portable, high powered radios for their chase crew. I tried a Milwaukee 5ah 20v battery and DC stepdown current converter and was not happy with the stability of the battery duty cycle. I have moved to a Dewalt 6ah 60v battery and...
  6. pjc

    Back In The Day - Baja 2000
  7. pjc

    (not) Heat Sensitive Tablets

    What IOS and Android Tablets are you all running in the cars that are not heat sensitive? Like "summer So-Nevada" heat. Thanks
  8. pjc

    Legacy Racing, Radio Frequency

    What are the Legacy racing frequencies? Thanks
  9. pjc

    Ron Buzze with Covid19

    Not sure if you all know. Ron Buzze a longtime racer and M.O.R.E. race volunteer is in the Desert Valley Hospital with Covid19 - now, for two weeks. He is also suffering from pneumonia. I have no other other way to obtain an update on Ron's condition. He's a good cat and big contributor to our...
  10. pjc

    On Topic Awesome Race Coverage of the Mint 400

    Dang, this was cool. RJ was a superb MC. BB great too. Well done Martelli’s, even if your political views need adjusting. Gotta say, when did realtime results at the Baja 2000 and then video of the finish of the Baja 1000 in 2002, we truly envisioned that what I saw today would...
  11. pjc

    BearTooth Smartphone Radio Interface

    This is very cool. I am on the wait list. Lots of possibilities here. Product
  12. pjc

    Multi-color/function Rear LED bar

    Who is making the multi-color/function rear LED bars that have red, amber and blue? A URL and model number would be much appreciated. Thanks
  13. pjc

    Vertex Radio Models

    I am adding to my radio programming kit. What are the most common Vertex radio models being used in our sport right now. Both, vehicle and handheld units. Thanks
  14. pjc

    Air Compressor For Trailer

    I am looking for a quality air compressor for our race trailer. it will be a permanent install and must have the following: Minimum 5 CFM at 90 PSI 110-120 Volt AC Prefer the following: 150 PSI Max Aluminum tank Thanks for any help here.
  15. pjc

    GoPro Alternatives

    I am done with the generic camera and it's lack of stable, external power and controls. What are the alternatives out there? I would like to integrate audio, GPS (speed) and ODBII.
  16. pjc

    Weatherman Feed- 2014 Baja 500

    Has anyone found or heard the weatherman feed on the SCORE or Dirt Live site? Did roger simply take this fundamental part of Baja racing away from us all?
  17. pjc

    MEFI5 ECU Dash/Displays

    We have a MEFI5 ECU in 177 now for the new motor. I am looking for compatible, programable dash displays to use with this unit. So far, all I see is the RacePack IQ3. Are there others? Thanks for all help here.
  18. pjc

    GoPro Mounts/Settings Vibration

    I am looking for GoPro mounts or settings that could help with vibration. We have a driveline oscillation over 100 MPH. See around the 08:30 mark in this video. I am hoping there are solutions via a mount or via camera settings that help in post processing. The cam used in this clip was a HD...
  19. pjc

    Good Luck to all the Mint 400 Time Trial Racers today!

    Good luck! It is mayhem out there! Total unabated, drive to - and past the edge! I am looking forward to the photos and videos. I wonder who will take out the timing halo this year?
  20. pjc

    Welding Bottle Holders

    I am creating a simplistic chase rack and cargo system for my raptor and need to secure the CO2/Ar and N bottles. Please share any info you, particularly with photos. Thanks ahead for all contributions to this puzzle.