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  1. BlueBear

    Does HDRA have it's "OWN' Desert?

    They got moved because HDRA doesn't conform to the UTV theme on
  2. BlueBear

    Attention all TT drivers and teams

    I didnt know other energy drinks were invited to the Monster Orgy??
  3. BlueBear

    Baja pre runners - save the line you donkey

    You kook you took my line! I'm taking my ball and going home.
  4. BlueBear

    Winner in San Felipe what type of TT

    wheres Deano when we need him......
  5. BlueBear

    Robby Gordon in a Geiser.

    exactly why pete's arms went on the #16s new front end a few years back. Before 1 time put heavy ones on. And Nimmy im pretty sure a G1-34 didnt win sat or sun but i guess its all about looking good while you do it right??? thats why you race 2 of the same??
  6. BlueBear

    Congrats to the Two Justin's (Lofton & Fantz) for Over-alling the BITD Jeanderson 250

    Re: Congrats to the Two Justin's (Lofton & Fantz) for Over-alling the BITD Jeanderson That Dougan's powered rocketship of a Jimco car ran flawless all day!!! Thanks to everyone!!
  7. BlueBear

    Fox Racing Shox.......Undisputed CHAMPS!!

    Charlie Sheen even uses Fox shox cuz hes obviously WINNING too.... Great Job and effort by every one at Fox. Thanks to everyone!
  8. BlueBear

    Trophy Truck roll call and picks - Laughlin Desert Challenge out for the rocks they "cut" the tires trans problems are solved at laughlin when they.....1 blow up 2 lose convertors or 3 blow up again!
  9. BlueBear

    Trophy Truck roll call and picks - Laughlin Desert Challenge

    dont forget the right "tire combo" too!!! the 30 is coming back with the sunday winning combo from last year! YEEIIIIII!!!!!
  10. BlueBear

    A little self promotion never hurts!!!!

    But as a Racer he gets it....he's got more miles under his belt in a race car with "FOX SHOX" but unfortunatly doesn't have the "DRIVE" race wins teamed up with DOTY C. Stuart ;) Ya dropped something..... Josh nice publicity...get ur ** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA LA**** OOH LA...
  11. BlueBear

    What mile will Andy pass PAB???

    Stoney does a great job and has been around forever. Most of the Geisers run his trans and reduction boxes. Didn't have 1 transmission issue in 2years with stoney. Lost 2 convertors and that's it. And he does it for a competitive price. But money talks and you gotta pay to play with the big boys.
  12. BlueBear

    LDC Clyde Stout TT#13 In Car Day 2

    that ST1 is deffinatly built to be abused by Collide Stout! great job running with the #1 truck this weekend.
  13. BlueBear

    WOW!!! Laughlin Class 1 shoot-out! DA Domination?

    Danzio, Jefferies, Berri, Ross, Wilson
  14. BlueBear

    Whooping at Laughlin

    Dont forget your WHIPs...
  15. BlueBear

    Whooping at Laughlin

    DEANO! are you coming out to this race?? its gonna be at THE RIVER!!:rolleyes: so u dont have to be far away from the roadrunner ;)
  16. BlueBear

    Whooping at Laughlin

    ya it does if people are superstitious...why do u think the #13 isnt around anymore... BIG pockets and keeping around more than 1 prep guy to do 10 races a year usually helps in the win department too! i cant wait for laughlin...its where the s h i t hits the fan! add 20 more tts to...
  17. BlueBear

    Tequila: the new SPEC race fuel for TL??..

    who is adam??? i thought it was Nimrod posting under a different name???:eek:
  18. BlueBear

    What is a good starter race?

    volunteer a prerunner or a trailer and theres a few teams that could use the help. Just ask if u can lend a hand. MORE is a good place to start. good people too.
  19. BlueBear

    Travis Pastranas new year jump!

    199 already did the "Unlimited-2" mega huck and he even back flipped over it! haha! The huck from pier to barge is gonna be INSANE! hope his car has "WINGS":rolleyes:
  20. BlueBear

    Tequila: the new SPEC race fuel for TL??..

    Deff the fuel of Team Azunia...:D:p Jim transfered over his co-dog skills into the driver seat and is doing an amazing job! makes my job in the right seat pretty easy. Even tipping the truck back over was easy:D:rolleyes: Its gonna be a fun time next year racing the TL series. The...