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  1. badger999

    LUCAS OIL REGIONAL August 20th

    you guys make it hard on a broke guy, would love to get out there
  2. badger999

    class 9 parts

    check out the class 9 parts in the classified, ID: 38100 Date posted: Aug 27, 2011 Expiration date: Oct 1, 2011or complete car 2500 obo, les motor, thats what i heard
  3. badger999

    Swingers looking for a new home...

    here is a deal, and it will have a fresh transmission.somebody needs to snatch this one up.alot of pressure on me to get rid of the car,i can't give the car away, make me an offer !
  4. badger999

    Glen helen

    not going to make it, broke an axel, and chewed up a r & p . should be able to make the next one!
  5. badger999

    Glen helen

    i just used some expanded steel for my screen.,is it snowing at the track or something? i heard it was supposed to . what a bummer !
  6. badger999

    Glen helen

    right on, i should be able to make it. is the entry fee 150.00 still?
  7. badger999

    Glen helen

    i guess i am not going to make this first race , i have to purchase a head and neck restraint. so i'm looking a, and about 595.00 is the cheapest, what degree is best for our app. any ideas where to purchase ?
  8. badger999

    parker 425

    my first race in a nine car was, Veges to Reno, in 2000 i think it was.# 2047 there were chicks from the local cat houses, with purple hair at the starting line area, topless, and blowing kisses. does anyone else remember this event ? we didn't finish, it was great
  9. badger999

    Glen helen

    what exactly are the additions to our desert set up, this sounds like alot of fun, if it is as inexpensive as it sounds, it may be it is a great opportunity for those of us who just can't afford to make it out to the desert any more. I'm stoked, see you guys there. made a few changes to the race...
  10. badger999

    Glen helen

    that sounds like so much fun, i may possibly be able to swing it if i don't eat for a few days, maybe even shed a couple pounds, anyways,when is the next race , or where can i see the sched.
  11. badger999

    Unofficial car count

  12. badger999

    Lothringer chassis

    here's one for you. for only $6000.00, ready for B.A.P.
  13. badger999

    Car #

    999 is taken
  14. badger999

    Pro-Nine Series 2011 Sign Ups

    I'm going to say I'm in, and just hope i can actually make it. looking forward to a better year, work wise !
  15. badger999

    9 car refab

    check out the new look for the old 9 car !
  16. badger999

    9 Car Picnic?

    bummed i missed it. we had a major storm friday nite, torrential rains, and high winds put a huge salt cedar tree through my roof. had to get it fixed right away in case we get more rain. i cant even believe it, so bummed
  17. badger999

    9 Car Picnic?

    is anybody going to be out there Friday nite
  18. badger999

    Race Prepping a 30 pict carb?

    ok, its on my car now. i put a different dump tube in it today and that seemed to help a bit we'll see you saturday, thanks
  19. badger999

    Race Prepping a 30 pict carb?

    does anybody have a fat or solex 30 pict 1 carb, that works, for sale. or if you are going to the picnik, one i might try to see if thats my issue
  20. badger999

    To tube or not to tube

    never use it