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  1. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for Cash

    If anyone wants to join our fantasy NASCAR league the information is on the attachment. $100 buy in funds the purse that pays out weekly and seasonally. Last years purse was $4200 and the season winner took home $1,000+.
  2. Bantle

    2015 Fantasy NASCAR with Cash Purse

    Anyone interested in playing the Bantle Motorsports Fantasy NASCAR all the information along with the purse is on the attached flyer. Last years winner took over $1000.
  3. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for CASH

    For anyone interested in wagering a little on Fantasy NASCAR we have another league with a $100 season buy in that pays out weekly, seasonally, overall and has a special chase purse. Last years winner took home over $1600. The flyer with all the info is attached and you can send your info to...
  4. Bantle

    Free Silver State 300 Entry

    I just wanted to say thank you to Casey Folks and Best In The Desert along with TrophyLite for awarding me a free entry into the SS 300. Casey and TrophyLite coem together and had a drawing for all the TrophyLite drivers who pre registered for Parker and finished. My team was the lucky...
  5. Bantle

    Dual Fuel Pumps

    Thinking about running a 2 fuel pump system for redundancy and wanted to see if anyone has had luck both good or bad in doing so. The plan is to come off the fuel cell through a filter then split off into the 2 fuel pumps and then come back into one line to the enginge. We plan to use a Bosch...
  6. Bantle

    Fuel Pump / Return Line Question

    I recently re-plumbed some fuel line and routed the return fuel line on my fuel injection set up into the bottom of the fuel cell rather than dumping in the cell through a bulkhead fitting on top. Since then we have had a problem with killing fuel pumps. Im wondering if by the running the...
  7. Bantle

    Radiator Guards

    I need to make some radiator guards with aluminum frame work and stainless mesh. Anyone have pictures of ones they have built or seen? Thanks
  8. Bantle

    Need a room in Henderson?

    I have 2 rooms Friday night at the Sunset Station that Im not going to use and cant get out of. If you are interested in 1 or both or have questions PM me. Thanks.
  9. Bantle

    Lowrance GPS Question

    I have both a Lowrance 540c and Lowrance 7200 in the race truck wired to the same power source. The problem is the 540c will turn off when the starter is engaged while the 7200 will remain on. Both units are wired identically and I can find no reason why one turns off and the other doesn't...
  10. Bantle

    Maxi Lube Additive

    Has anybody ever tried or used an oil additive called Maxi Lube? Salesman came by the shop today and we tried it againt sythetic oil, Slick 50, Lucas with a bearing on a load meter and it seemed to work very well against friction. Salesman made a lot of claims for the benefits of the product...
  11. Bantle

    Shop Floor / Lights

    I have a 40' X 40' shop with 4 400 watt lights hanging from a 25' ceiling and need to get more light from it. The shop always seems dark and full of shadows and was wondering if you guys had some advice or ideas about different light bulbs / lamps? If so what would you use to replace or...
  12. Bantle

    Fuel Transfer Pump

    I'm looking for a way to make an aux. pump set up to pump fuel out of the fuel cell on my truck. I would like to take the fuel pick up line of the cell and attach a hose with some sort of 12 volt aux. pump to transfer fuel out of the cell. I know I could use the trucks fuel pump to do this but...
  13. Bantle

    Fab Tools Classifieds

    Does anybody know of a classifieds website for fabrication tools. Im looking to get some shop tools (welder, mill, etc.). I know there is the RDC classifieds just wondering if anyone knows of a site geared more towards the fabrication industry that would have more selection. Thanks.
  14. Bantle

    Fire Extinguisher Mount

    I'm looking for ways to mount a couple of 2.5 lb fire extinguishers onto the rollcage of my truck and was wondering if anyone knew of someone who sold a good unit or had pictures of something they have built. I have found some that use velcro (doesn't seem strong enough), and some with quick...
  15. Bantle


    Hey guys, I have been following this site for a while and figured it was time to join so I could post.