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  1. Bantle

    Trackside Photo website closed down

    After reading this thread I contacted Jim to see if I could get all the photos he had of our truck over the years. He made me a great deal on over 125 pictures he had and I had them in my mailbox on a flash drive 3 days later. I would recommend giving him a call if you are looking for your old...
  2. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for Cash

    If anyone wants to join our fantasy NASCAR league the information is on the attachment. $100 buy in funds the purse that pays out weekly and seasonally. Last years purse was $4200 and the season winner took home $1,000+.
  3. Bantle

    Gas in Gonzaga?

    Was there this weekend and got lots of fuel from Gonzaga Pemex with no problem.
  4. Bantle

    2015 Fantasy NASCAR with Cash Purse

    Anyone interested in playing the Bantle Motorsports Fantasy NASCAR all the information along with the purse is on the attached flyer. Last years winner took over $1000.
  5. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for CASH

    Great. I will look for it Volkspower.
  6. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for CASH

    Great! Make sure to email me your name and address to [email protected] so I can add you to the email list.
  7. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for CASH

    Awesome. Its going to be fun. Make sure to send an email to [email protected] so I can get your email address and other info and add you to our email list.
  8. Bantle

    Fantasy NASCAR for CASH

    For anyone interested in wagering a little on Fantasy NASCAR we have another league with a $100 season buy in that pays out weekly, seasonally, overall and has a special chase purse. Last years winner took home over $1600. The flyer with all the info is attached and you can send your info to...
  9. Bantle

    2014 RDC Fantasy NASCAR

    Signed up and looking forward to it. If you guys are interested in wagering a little we have another league with a $100 season buy in that pays out weekly, seasonally, overall and has a special chase purse. Last years winner took home over $1600. The flyer with all the info is attached and you...
  10. Bantle

    Free Silver State 300 Entry

    I just wanted to say thank you to Casey Folks and Best In The Desert along with TrophyLite for awarding me a free entry into the SS 300. Casey and TrophyLite coem together and had a drawing for all the TrophyLite drivers who pre registered for Parker and finished. My team was the lucky...
  11. Bantle

    Save Johnson Valley - Petition at Whitehouse.gov

    Done. I was #10,016. Hopefully everyone takes 3 minutes to help out.
  12. Bantle

    V to R TL news / results ?

    I bet it was fun getting the truck off course. Glad to see you guys smiling when we went past you on course it looked like you had gone for a hell of a ride.
  13. Bantle

    V to R TL news / results ?

    Messer won, PJ second, we were third and Abatti was 30 min behind us. Currie truck was up on the mountain switchbacks pointed the wrong way with the front end laying next to it but it looked like the guys were ok. House rental truck got DRILLED by an 8 truck in the silt and smashed the rear in...
  14. Bantle

    ROADWARRIORS on SPIKE...what did you think?!?

    That was great, a 100X better than the NBC coverage of the 1000. The use of in-car along with actual team / co driver audio made it much more exciting compared to an hour of helicopter footage. As cool as trophy trucks are it was refreshing to see another class highlighted. Keep up the good...
  15. Bantle

    540C shutting down

    I have experienced the same thing as trent06. I have both a 7200 and a 540 in my truck and the 540 will shut itself down due to low voltage when you start it. Although I have 2 batteries installed the voltage gets low enough for the 540 to turn off while the 7200 seems to be able to handle...
  16. Bantle

    mounting sheetmetal

    Pulling the panel tight with the dzus is a must but eventually seems like all panels make noise after a while. In the past I have attached foam weather stripping tape to the panels where it touches the tubes and it makes it makes much less noise. Mount the panels and get them tight then put...
  17. Bantle

    No more dezert racing!!

    Letter sent and forwarded on to everyone on my team.
  18. Bantle

    I desperately need your help!!!

    Re: I desperatly need your help!!! Email sent from CA. Thanks for all of your hard work Roger!
  19. Bantle

    Lowrance GPS

    I found one on craigslist but they are pretty hard to find.
  20. Bantle

    Parker 425 Pics

    Any of 6077? Thanks.