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  1. prerunner68

    ***!!! BELDEN ALIVIO !!!***

    I sent you a pm
  2. prerunner68

    Driver looking for a chance

    I need to move, this kid lives way to close.
  3. prerunner68

    John Devito/procomp/missionmotorsports

    Holy crap the man lives! How are you Gary? Remember the famous line from long days at your shop? "Is it soup yet?"
  4. prerunner68

    Timerider: The Adventure of Lyle Swann

    Dog Eater Motorsports did race that truck at MDR, then I sold her back to Dave Westem. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  5. prerunner68

    Not looking for sympathy - but brought something back from Baja

    Ramsey, Dr. Ben says you have to retire and take up sailing!!!! J/k Get well soon
  6. prerunner68

    Fast-Aid Presents: "WIN A RIDE WITH RAMSEY!"

    Im glad its a truck and NOT a sailboat!!!
  7. prerunner68

    NORRA 1000 entry pic's?

    Ollie, thats Neighbor Tom and Loose Jaw Jason's buddy. The pic is from the last more race in the pits
  8. prerunner68

    Thanks Bill! Good luck to you in racing and life

    Thanks Bill! Good luck to you in racing and life
  9. prerunner68

    u buy used tt engine for 10k, u ride parker race in #2, u still own engine after race

    Re: u buy used tt engine for 10k, u ride parker race in #2, u still own engine after Puff puff pass!
  10. prerunner68

    Yet Another Non-Racer on Course at the Dash...Ends Badly (video)

    No matter what people say, Hes still a [email protected]$$. I would hate to see the @$$ whoopping is will get, if it wasnt his car!!!
  11. prerunner68

    General Tire press conference

    Did anybody catch the press conference that General tire had on saturday at the expo? Thanks, Dogeater
  12. prerunner68

    How old is your car?

    My truck won San Felipe, I believe back in 84 and the 1000 in 87. It still has the same basic configurations. Built like a tank and rides like one too. We found it in a used car lot in Lake Havasu. Photo Credit: FlatWheel Productions
  13. prerunner68

    Keeping Cool?

    Go faster
  14. prerunner68

    Thanks man!

    Thanks man!
  15. prerunner68

    Old off-road pics

    Thats not Red dog, Red dog was built after this one. This was built at PPI. The original Timerider truck
  16. prerunner68

    Old off-road pics

    That 805 truck will be at MDR race in Feb.
  17. prerunner68

    Thank You Weatherman!

    Thanks Weatherman & Rhiannon. We apprciate all the hard work and LONNNNNGGGGGGGGGG hours PCI puts in for the races. The jokes helped alot. Numbers 250,745.and 806
  18. prerunner68

    Harley-Davidson to race Baja 1000

    Good Luck to you guys. Just a suggestion maybe hook up a blue light some where on the back? The 4 wheel jobs are gonna be coming after you soon.
  19. prerunner68

    Tight Fit

    The tunnel at V2R race was a little tight, dont you think?
  20. prerunner68

    Mango Racing..New truck shots..

    Aint that the DOG gone truth!!!!! Scarier than a ASIAN in a race truck!