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  1. socalprerunners_net

    Calling All Prerunners!!!

    We would like to announce the release of our new community application for all of the Prerunner Addicts in SoCal. This is FREE and will always be free. We just want to get everyone together to share ideas and help with builds of prerunners. WE NEED YOUR INPUT!!! We have a lot of newbies to...
  2. socalprerunners_net

    Domain Name Sale

    I noticed the site is offline. I am willing to buy the domain from you for a fair value. Let me know.;)
  3. socalprerunners_net


    We are funding a new group called Prerunners.Org that is taking action and getting involved with CORVA and other agencies. Check them out at http://prerunners.org.
  4. socalprerunners_net

    United Prerunners Events

    Do you guys still hold events? Also are you guys active in CORVA or legislation at all?
  5. socalprerunners_net

    Hello all. I'm socalprerunners_net.

    Whats up everyone. I want to get more involved in other areas of the off road world, not just prerunners. I have some serious concerns about land usage in the state of california and would like to post some info here on an expirience I had earlier in the month with LASD in the desert. I am also...