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  1. trailready

    Need Rooms for the 500???

    I have 4 rooms at the Hotel Cortez I can't use. checking 5/28 and check out 6/3. Email [email protected] if you need them. Email only as i wont be checking this thread. Larry
  2. trailready

    VIDEO....TR Racers at the Mint 400

    All my rowdy friends. by Tuba Art Films
  3. trailready

    Parker 425 Video-Pure Engine

    Another nice shoot and edit by John Tuba and team. This one all TR Beadlocks. Congrats to Andrew Whitehead for his win in Class 6100.
  4. trailready

    VIDEO....TR Racers at Tonapah 250

    Thanks to John Tuba for another fine edit of our TR Racers including class winners Sami Berri and Al Hogan.
  5. trailready

    VIDEO....TR Racers at V2R

    More nice work by John Tuba and crew. Congrats to Al Hogan for the win in 7200, along with great efforts by Justin Lofton and Sam Berri. Our thoughts and prayers going out to all affected by the bike and quad accidents.
  6. trailready

    Mint400 Hilites (Video)

    A few of my friends from the Mint400. Enjoy, and credit Tuba Art Films for his fine work.
  7. trailready

    VIDEO...TKO Motorsports #99 at Pahrump Nugget 250

    Thanks to John Tuba for another nice edit !!!
  8. trailready

    Video. TKO Motorsports Pahrump 250 Qualifying

    Full lock turn at 107mph...whew!!
  9. trailready

    REAL realistic RC TT

  10. trailready

    VIDEO...TKO Motorsports and the TR TT #99 Dual in the Desert

    Is it possible to make a cool video from only two laps? If your John Tuba it is.....
  11. trailready

    Tuba Art Films Video........TR Wheels TT at V2R

    Another nice piece by John Tuba..
  12. trailready

    Washington State theft alert!!. Mount Vernon WA area.

    Washington State theft alert!!. Mount Vernon WA area. Some low life broke into our enclosed trailer at TrailReady Products over the weekend and took accessories off the TR ZJ. If your in the area please share this post and spread the word to look out for the following: New Yellow Top Optima...
  13. trailready


    Special thanks to Tuba Art for making this cool vid.
  14. trailready

    James Garner AMC for 2016 M1K

    2013 event was a blast but tortured my perfectly good dualsport ZJ. For 2016 i'm going to keep it simple and build a Garner S/C Rambler clone and found a great donor car. There are some photos out there of one of the 4 wheel drive cars that survived but not alot of the 2wd cars. Anyone know...
  15. trailready

    Need warehouse or light industrial space Vegas

    I'm in the market for a couple thousand sq.ft. of shop space with some secure yard in S. Vegas or Henderson. show me what you got or refer me to a broker that knows the area. Larry [email protected]
  16. trailready

    DON-A-VEE Tribute Grand Cherokee for Mexican 1000

    I've been wanting to participate in this event for a couple of years now. I don't have a vintage vehicle but my Grand Cherokee turned 20 this year so i decided to prep it as a tribute to the awesome ZJs raced back when they were introduced. We're looking forward to this. Have to thank KC...
  17. trailready

    NORRA Return Convoy

    We plan to spend a couple of days in SJDC and make a three day trek back beginning Sat AM. We'd like to travel in a group so if this matches your schedule, post up here or email [email protected]
  18. trailready

    Desert Racing Better than Sex?

    Well, maybe for her, LOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=aa_TwlknIa4
  19. trailready

    Randy Merritt wins Class 7200 in the new TNC Machine

    While everyone was drooling over the new little Geiser, and singing the praises of tried and true Mason trucks, Randy Merritt and Tracy Rubio of TNC Machine quietly built a new class killer. They finished 6th in the Mint with NO testing time. No that's quite a shake down. Followed up that...