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    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    I have often wondered how many barrels of oil a day are wasted PASSING all of those Prius thingy's? the damn things are always in the way

    Fuel Cell Bladder disposal

    55 gallon barrel & a match poof gone in 60 seconds

    Ducati vs KTM

    It's going to be the KTM just as I thought the Italians have not to this day figured out wiring and the need to make periodic maintenance needs anywhere "easy or inexpensively" damned oil filters (plural) are $120 bucks hell my powerstroke oil & filter changes are less than that.

    Outboard Boat service?

    If it's a 2 stroke you better find out if it's legal to put in the water most places they are banned

    Ducati vs KTM

    Anybody have an opinion or facts between a Ducati hypermotard 950SP vs KTM superduke 1290? for some reason have been considering a naked crotch rocket that gets out of the corners quicker than those fast as hell in a straight line sport bikes. Let's here it

    Rally Tires for a Honda Accord

    Slime with a magnesium choride chaser stops damn near anything under 0.250 you can find it in places that cater to the agricultural type (That is if California hasen't banned it as a cancer causing agent) BTW its heavy and once mixed plan on tossing the entire tire/wheel assembly because you...

    On Topic How to build a 302 for prerunner

    Procharger done deal.

    Trailer killer highway

    One of my "episodes" a Mexican national was cruising along just fine in my lane of traffic going the same direction and speed as myself I'm at least 60 yards behind with no intention af passing them nobody anywhere around in any direction were coming into for lack of a better description 'the...

    Trailer killer highway

    This was the first year in my life I managed not to destroy an axel, spring or shackle let me tell you their were some real eye openers one in peticular I remember squeezing a 102" wide trailer between a oncoming semi that was taking my lane while at the same time a guardrail was rapidly...

    Share your jokes!!!! -- Mature Subject Matter

    I fixed thier wagons 20+years ago on Halloween I started giving out Carmel coated onions worked like a charm no more busted up pumpkins all over the porch and my mailbox has never looked better hehe.

    1988 Baja 1000

    Like Ron white says "you can't make this shzzit up" any of us could write a book about the stories in Baja and most people would think we're crazy for even thinking of a 3rd of what we have experienced. I can't wait till November 5th when our prerunning starts!

    Dez racing with full hydro steering?

    At speed such as a lake bed or even 55mph on pavement you can't drive it because the Charlyn control valve is constantly "adjusting" flow to the ram, even if you hold the wheel dead still it's sending fluid to one side or the other of the Ram in very slight amounts and it's hard to drive...

    Baja 1000 Tourist Visa Do you Need one?

    The last time I bought one it was a zoo I was at the SY border crossing parked on the right just through the border crossing for what was described as a 'piece of cake' WRONG I had everything ready except my informant forgot to tell me about the wait.....it was absolute pandemonium. This time...

    Duramax LB7 loosing prime

    What kind of skid plate you running? That airdog things huge and sticks way to far down below the frame for my lowered ride, hell if i had to use one of those things in a off road/chase truck I'd be one nervous mofo or at least have many spare filters because of the chance of ripping them off...

    Duramax LB7 loosing prime

    After talking talking to one of my buddy's who runs the maintenance on the union pacific railroad track support vehicles told me the CAT 2 micron filter is great for the duramax EXCEPT now thiers is no filter with a water/drain on my truck and he's correct because when I deleted the oem filter...

    Dust Storm

    Pretty damn good, some of those landings had to bend something, what's that thing have for wheel travel 6"? At best. Another thing I was told along time ago "never talk about politics, religion, spark plugs, or motor oil, Well you know me I have a real hard time not talking about those...

    Any Mountain Bikers

    Makes me want to go back to Scotland again place is amazing.

    Travis Pastrana sets new Mount Washington Hillclimb record!

    I guess you could consider him a "kid" at 36 years, yes he can wheel a car not to bash him wait till he's my age (56) with the bones I've busted racing I can barely move some days, he has more titanium in his body than the cars he drives.

    Duramax LB7 loosing prime

    Ding ding ding we have a winner! It was the factory filter mount after pinching off both lines on the ECM, then boring a couple of holes in one of the dogs tennis balls placing said tennis ball on filler neck (after removing fuel cap) applying VERY little air pressure to the entire fuel system...

    Duramax LB7 loosing prime

    OK the world just came to an end I wait for it.................I bought a duramax yea I know the earth may have just went off its axis but I couldn't refuse it was CHEEP 2003 xcab shortbed 2WD with a paltry 76000 miles so I lowered it chipped, intercooler, injectors, you get the drill fun as...