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    San Felipe Stories ???

    Anyone out there with stories, or something they saw ??? Congrats to TT 99..... Ronnie Gilliespie driving the second half for Nick and keeping up even with a transmission going down by Puertocito's/ Matomi area.... Quick repair and a 5th in TT......
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    Who's Alternator

    RIVIERA RACING would love to give back the alternator that was borrowed from them for Nick Baldwin's #99 Trophy [email protected] the Baja 1000.... It was at the El Crucero pit.... Please PM me and tell me which Class you were in.... The Unit is completely rebuilt and the team wants to give it...
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    OLN Coverage/Laughlin

    I thought the coverage was great. Its similar to ESPN with the TT series. People are probably going to say there should be other Classes covered which is understandable... But as a starting platform where do you rank it........ for me and 8---- Air, in-car, and spectator camera...
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    Baja 1000 Report

    Go to Offroad.com and click on the Baja 1000 page for Rumors and facts..... intresting stuff check it out !!!!! Robby Gordon news,Steve Sourapas, Jeffries...Etc. Etc....
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    Expo & Riviera Racing

    Looks like the Offroad Expo in Pomona will be better than last year.....Riviera Racing will have Nick Baldwin's New TT, Nick's Little Red Ranger pre-runner, The Black pre-runner, and Mark's Class 1 car. We'll be next to the Terrible Herbst Operation.....
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    OLN Trophy Truck Schedule

    OLN' TROPHY TRUCK SERIES UPDATE - Laughlin Desert Challenge will now air on Sunday Nov. 17th 5 PM ET & Thursday Nov 21st 7 PM ET---During the Baja 1000 just great Also according to OLN's Schedule..... SUNDAYS and THURSDAYS...
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    Speedvision 4:30pm Vasser

    JImmy Vasser testing with the Groff Class 1 is on Speedvision Speed News at 4:30 pm Pacific time
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    Primm 300

    Entrants to the Primm 300 are up on SCORES site. Question is with the points so close in TT where's Scott Steinberger at??? Hopefully they'll enter late..... Good Luck to all the competitors, and Be Safe !!! See Ya at the Tree Bar..... P.S.>>>> 32 Class 1's Entered Wow !!!!!
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    CLASS 1 Old Days ????

    Since were in the day and ages of Class 1's overall'ing ( 4 wheel ) in the last 2 Baja 500's, and Pro-Trucks winning TT division with modifications........ The Question I have to you is.......... Do you think it should be like the early 90's and before where TT's and Class 1's all ran...
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    Got Phonenumber???

    I need the Phonenumber or Website of The Earls, Need to make some brakelines. Thank You !!!!!
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    Rim of the World Rally

    Hey Sean how did it go up there????? Anything intresting ????
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    Riviera New TT

    Nick Baldwin's New TT will have its debut @ the CODE race in San Felipe this Saturday, and possibly on Sunday it might run at Estero Beach. Testing last Friday was good, only 2 flats with 100+ miles on it.. other than that no problems....so look for the Black truck with lots of polished parts...
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    Hey Jimmy B !!!!!!!

    How much longer for the truck to be done ????? Approximately...
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    Glamis Re-Opening

    LA TIMES Section B--- March 28th 2002 U.S. Seeks to Reopen Area to Off-roaders Plan would overturn Clinton decision that curbed use of Sand Dunes BLM declined to talk about the new plan in detail, they just said it would limit offroad vehicles access of thousands of acres. The proposal...
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    New Offroad Mag

    The May issue of Offroad I got today, with the Enduro Racing (duralast) Trophy Truck is featured in it....Pretty good articles n stuff....
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    Hazardous Waste Collection

    Hazardous Waste Collections for Household Products such as Paint, Motor Oil, Gear Oils Etc..... March 9th.....GLENDALE.....Glendale Water & Power, 800 Airway March 9th & 10th VAN NUYS LAUSD District C office, 6621 Balboa Blvd. Enter from Haynes St. March 16th......CLAREMONT...
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    Herbst TT Rollover

    Did anyone see the Herbst TT rollover 12 miles from the finish??? And is there any video or photo's out there????
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    Groff Class 1 Car

    Who is the chassis builder for that?? Looks like a Jimco in the front, then at the rear it looks like a Porter Pr1, or is it their own design??? I figure it won't be a big car since there running a Toyota Motor, unless its the Lexus V8 that Ivan & Julson ran in their TT and Class 1. Any...
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    Riviera Trailer theft

    Within the last week Nick Baldwin's Trailer was ripped off in Irvine. It's the red one that hauls the Red Ranger pre-runner. Its Red, with spare tires on the front, fuel tank underneath, dual axle on Alcoa's....
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    POLL Who will win Laughlin

    Who do you think will take the overall and classes, so many great entries !!!!! TT- Riviera,Herbst,Jeffries,Ashley,Steinberger,Collins, Class 1 Herbst, Wilson,Herder....sheezz man I can't think ahhhhhh !!!!!!