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  1. Tom_Willis

    1st Gen Tundra project truck for cheep

    Bringatrailer.com has an '02 supercharged V8 Tundra for auction. Camburg arms, bumpers, some other goodies too. Bidding is at $4500 right now, and it ends tomorrow. Looks like a deal for somebody's next project truck.
  2. Tom_Willis

    BLM in charge of US helium supplies

    A welding blog mentioned that the Bureau of land mismanagement is now in charge of all future US helium production. (What could possibly go wrong?) Does anyone use helium on their aluminum Fab work? Expect a price hike soon.
  3. Tom_Willis

    Perfect project truck on ebay

    2013 Ford F-150 XL Crew Cab Pickup 4-Door | eBay The details: Salvage titled, low miles, 4WD, front right impact only. Appears to need grill/fender/lights, also suspension/spindle/wheel/shock. The windshield, even the passenger door looked fine. It didn't even activate the airbag. They claim...
  4. Tom_Willis

    Jesse James American Made tv pilot

    This is the first episode for the project. They are still trying to get Discovery Channel to run it. This is an awesome first look at a great concept: showing American Craftsmen building products by hand. Check it out .
  5. Tom_Willis

    Brake upgrade for 1st gen Tundra brakes?

    Does anybody know of an improved set of brakes for the pre-'07 Tundras? One of the biggest complaints of the owners was the poor braking, (especially on the heavier 4wd crewcabs), which lead to ginormous brakes on the current generation. Brembo has a $3500 "kit" for the front brakes only, but...
  6. Tom_Willis

    Trophy Truck parade

    Anybody have video of the Trophy Truck parade? It was the biggest group EVER, in qualifying order for the first time. Should have been awesome to be standing next to them when the cruised down Castillo Ave.
  7. Tom_Willis

    MORE race crash video

    We (1418) crashed BIGTIME at the last MORE race. About mile .5, 2nd lap, we went through those big three rollers that everybody who has raced in Barstow knows about. Lost the brakes and went into the second hole a little bit fast. Launched, tucked the bumper down, and kicked the rear up and...
  8. Tom_Willis

    Los Angeles Dealer's Auto Show

    Anybody been to it yet? any interestig offroad-related stuff worth seeing? I'm gonna check it out Thursday.
  9. Tom_Willis

    Heim Joints with longer threaded ends

    We're using Heims to replace the factory tie rods on a long-travel Tacoma and might be a little short on threads when the alignment gets out of whack. The 7/8" Heims have about 2" threads. Does anybody offer 7/8" Heims with a longer-than-standard threaded end? Thanks for any help.
  10. Tom_Willis

    A prayer before the GH LOORS race?

    Maybe if we ask real nice we can get Chaplain Steve to hook us up with one of these:
  11. Tom_Willis

    RIP Gerry Rafferty

    If you've never heard the song "Baker Street" it's worth a listen: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkS169P_Eeo&feature=player_embedded If nothing else, that one Gerry Rafferty song has the best sax solo ever written. It would make women remove their clothes, it was that good.
  12. Tom_Willis

    BFG pit meeting

    I have two used fire suits to donate for the BFG Baja 1000 pit fuel bunnies. If anybody that is going to the San Diego meeting can pick them up from me either in the San Gabriel Valley or from downtown Los Angeles please send me a pm. Thanks
  13. Tom_Willis

    "Grim Sleeper" is on Google Maps

    You can see him standing in front of a sedan with the hood up, like your normal shadetree mechanic: 1726 W 81st St, Los Angeles Cal 90047.
  14. Tom_Willis

    San Felipe SCORE race on NBC Sunday

    Does no one else know about this or am I stuck in a time/space warp again? I don't even watch tv and I know about it. It's supposed to be on between 2 and 3 pm.
  15. Tom_Willis

    Converting Miller mig welder to aluminum

    I've got an older Miller MIG machine, a Challenger 172 that still works fine. The spoolmate model for it is #300371, (about $200 delivered on Ebay), but it also requires the converter box (SGA-100-043856) which is another $265 delivered. And I still need another bottle to weld aluminum. This is...
  16. Tom_Willis

    Driveway Gate, concrete work available

    In San Gabriel valley. I need to have a steel swinging driveway gate (with motor) built and installed at my house. Electric is already stubbed out. Also a sideyard gate. Anybody on RDC do this or know someone who does? Also need to have two 2" wide sections of a concrete driveway saw cut and...
  17. Tom_Willis

    IRON MAN movie opened today

    Anybody see it? Thumbs up or down?
  18. Tom_Willis

    tundra spindle on a tacoma

    Has anybody seen a conversion up to the heavier duty Tundra parts on a Total Chaos (or equivalent) Long Travel Tacoma? My '01 taco had the same 16" wheels as the '01 Tundra, but with smaller brakes and bearings. Since I've already got the uniball installed the top is easy. Are the balljoints...