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  1. bullock1

    5.7 Hemi fuel pump.

    We are running a 5.7 Hemi in our class 8 truck and it's time to start plumbing. The engine is stock with the factory fuel injection with a spec of 63psi, does anyone have a fuel pump they can recommend that's reliable and won't break the bank. Thanks. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for...
  2. bullock1

    Looking for old class 4 dodge race truck

    I am looking for my dads old race truck, it raced in vorra, hdra, and score in the mid 80s and early 90s. We traded it to a guy in 1994 then he sold it to someone in the sacramento area in the fall of 2001 and cant remember who he sold it to just the area it went to. I would like to find the...
  3. bullock1

    dodge class 8 build

    Here are some pics of the class 8 dodge that my dad and I are building in are garage hope you enjoy.
  4. bullock1

    old school prerunner found

    My dad built this prerunner in the late 80's to chase our class 4 dodge pickup, he sold it to a guy in 1991 for $5,000 the guy drove it for a couple of years until he twisted the right rear axle in half and then parked it in 1993. I bought it back last weekend from the same guy for $900.00 and...
  5. bullock1

    which race to attend

    I am looking at going to one of two races, the mint 400 or the terrible's 250 at primm. I am mostly interested in seeing full size trucks because I am in the process of building a class 8 truck.
  6. bullock1

    dodge fiberglass hood

    Does anyone make a stock fiberglass flat hood for an 03 to present dodge fullsize pickup.
  7. bullock1

    coilovers and shocks

    Does anyone know the size and length of the coilovers and bypass shocks on the greer brothers class 8 dodge.
  8. bullock1

    dodge fiberglass cab

    I am looking for a fiberglass cab and doors for an 03-06 class 8 dodge that i am building anyone have any leads.
  9. bullock1


    hello my name is zane bullock