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  1. BCGIrish

    2009 Season Points Total

    Since Vorra.net doesn't work so well I thought I'd repost it here. Class 1 Place Car # Driver Total 1st 149 Sam Berri 530 2nd 132 Shannon Harwell 492 3rd 118 Steve Sullivan 425 Class 10 Place Car # Driver Total 1st 1029 Red Team Racing 435 2nd 1222 Tyler & Cindy...
  2. BCGIrish

    1222 @ Prairie City 3/21/2009

    Tyler Mort and Tristan Butcher have been working on 1222 and finally got to take it out to Prairie City to play with it this last weekend. Here is some video of it. The track looks like it always does after every winter, lots of ruts with a few mud puddles...
  3. BCGIrish

    KFX50 Plastic

    I'm looking for some aftermarket KFX50 fenders. I'm going to pick one up for my daughter this weekend and wanted to throw some pink fenders on it for her for Christmas. I checked MotoSport.com and RockyMountainATV.com along with Maier's site and can't find them.
  4. BCGIrish

    Boycott Gas Station in Fallon

    There is a group trying to close down Sand Mountain, and with it a large area of our Desert. So when you are in Fallon for the race please do not patronize the Fox Peak gas station @ 615 E WILLIAMS AVE, FALLON, NV 89406. Here is a link for more info...
  5. BCGIrish

    Windows Movie Maker ?

    I'm trying to cut up some DVD footage we took last week in Nevada using Windows Movie Maker. The problem is I can only get the first 8 seconds of the video viewable using Movie Maker. The format is .vto on the Video Camera. Any advice?
  6. BCGIrish

    Cougar Freak Photo's

    Any chance you will have people out on the course for Yerington? The photo's from Fallon are high quality but are mainly just of people entering and leaving the pits. Would be nice to get someone posted at a whoop section or maybe a jump in BFE.
  7. BCGIrish

    Quad Help

    I have a 2005 YFZ 450. I put on the Yoshi full pipe system and I've been playing with the jets. I have finally got it jetted right, and I put it all back together. Now I have a new problem. When I hit high RPM the engine starts cutting out, feels like I'm hitting the rev limiter. However the...
  8. BCGIrish


    Hello, My name is Kevin and I'm 23. I've been racing with Vorra for about 6 years, and before that I worked there. I have raced 7s in a dodge D50, a Ford Ranger, and now I race a quad. I like going to Baja with Locos Mocos and just crusing the deZert. That being said, nothing beats doing...