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    r&d dyno out of business?

    i have a race truck they had previously worked on and I have tried multiple times to contact them, left messages with no luck. just wondered if anyone knew of them. thanks in advance
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    Does anyone have experience southern Arizona desert racing? I've emailed and tried to call multiple times with no response. To
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    vorra schedule

    does anyone know if the desert racing schedule will be basically the same for 2016?
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    how could this happen

    seriously, no more tecate sponsorship? the bud light san felipe 250, just doesnt seem possible
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    what does it take to run 39's

    want to run 39 inch tires on a 1 inch king pin ranger, what is the most durable set up i can put together, looking at solid fabrication spindles with a 2 1/2 tubeworks hub, any other info you may have as to what may need to be done to clear this set up is appreciated
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    robbie pierce email

    just curious if anyone could direct me to where i could find a email address for robbie pierce from mastercraft
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    dirt sports?

    just curious if anyone got a sept. issue?
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    shroud or no shroud

    have a 383 chevy in our ranger and seem to be on the edge of overheating, we run a aluminum radiator with a 3000 cfm puller fan without a shroud, does anybody have any input on the difference in performance on this set up if we ran a shroud? thanks in advance
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    brake question

    we have a ranger with the dual cnc master cylinders 3/4 bore, nine inch ford with drum brakes and standard f-150 style front disc brakes, we run a residual valve both front and rear. the problem is i dont think the braking is what it should be. the pedal is hard but it seems that you have to...
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    chevy ford marriage?

    wanting to build a f-150 prerun truck, looking to use a 96 f-150 swb extra cab four wheel drive but want to use chevy power plant, i would prefer to use chevy engine, transmission and transfer case,, ford ttbs has anyone on here done this set up? are there particular years of running gear...
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    brake help

    maybe somebody can shed some light on the problem i have, im running a cnc dual master cylinder set up that i bought from kartek on a ranger with a nine inch with drum brakes and factory f 150 disc in the front, i am also running a jegs manual proportioning valve, 3/16 lines, the problem is it...
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    saw that there is a mdr race in ridgecrest in may, i have never been there, could someone give me any info on what the course is like, if i understand it would be approx 22 mile loops and sportsman only runs 4 laps? thanks
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    dirt sports anyone?

    just curious if anyone has their dec. dirtsports yet? the best mag i get but i never know when or if it is coming, some of my other mags i already have feb. edition(kinda early i would say).
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    2010 schedule?

    does anybody know the 2010 vorra schedule? did i miss it being posted? thanks
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    stupid beam vs. a arm question

    if you compare the front suspension of say curt leduc's old eight truck, which if i understand was a one ton ford king pin beam style to the a arm front suspension of most trophy trucks what is the weak link or down side to the beam style, you can get close to the same travel numbers cant you...
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    antenna question

    i believe i have seen some trucks running two radio antennas, does anybody know how this is done? are these trucks running two radios, some type of antenna splitter? thanks in advance
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    dirtsports ?

    am i the only one that didnt get this months dirtsports?
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    san felipe to gonzaga bay

    thinking of making the trip form sf to gonzaga bay, never been there, looks beautiful, how long does it take, how bad is the road and is there gas and diesel there, also is there many places to stay? any names and phone numbers of hotels would be apprieciated, thanks
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    shock mount question

    is there a downside to mounting the coilover on the radius arm rather than the beam itself, running equal length beams and swingset steering on a ranger and having a little trouble getting things where i want them with the shock on the back of the beam, thanks in advance
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    v2r irc?

    just wondered if anyone knew if tracking on irc is mandatory for v2r, thanks