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  1. matt_helton

    Jakes Fabworks class 5 unlimited

    Thought I'd throw out some pics of the new chassis we are putting together. Sent from the RDC Mobile App. Get it for your IOS device today
  2. matt_helton

    Big thanks to "Ivan Dan" Kaatz!

    Dan took care of us again! he's a personal friend and a great realtor who just finished up another deal for us. he's a long time dezert supporter and part time racer who's great at what he does! if you wanna support someone who supports dezert sports give him a call if you are looking to buy...
  3. matt_helton

    2011 Silverado 6.2L

    so i started this build a couple weeks ago for the SEMA show next month. figured i would post some pics of the truck from when it rolled in completely stock 2 weeks ago to how it sits tonight....things are coming along nicely and i think ill make it in plenty of time.
  4. matt_helton


    so whats the sick boy bada$$ tire groover all the big dogs use? gimme the skinfo.
  5. matt_helton

    Big thanks to team danzio

    just wanted to give a shout out to josh daniels and his crew/team for giving us their spare ps pump at pit 3 saturday. you guys saved our butts and got us to the finishline for a 2nd place finish! so from myself, blitzkrieg, BMS, team BoCox, mexi steve, LTP, 360-band, and the Jeremy's we say...
  6. matt_helton


    here is another somewhat out of the ordinary build we are doing at Blitzkrieg. trucks like this are fun though. breaks the routine that we normally do which is good. here are some details.... 2010 standard cab short box 4wd 5.3L silverado. -Blitzkrieg 4wd long travel kit up front with...
  7. matt_helton

    Apocalypse fighter

    so there are some random pics floating around of this truck but i figured id start a build thread becasue im actually just now starting to think this truck is gonna turn out pretty bitchin in the end......i was a bit unsure at first. lol the truck is a 2009 duramax, allison, crew cab, short...
  8. matt_helton

    New Machine!

    Blitzkrieg Motorsports just added a second CNC lathe to it's machine shop. we will have her up and running monday!
  9. matt_helton


    i just wanted to give a shoutout to my boy Travis for his great day in caliente on saturday cus he really really deserves it! we got to caliente last thursday in great spirits as we had just come off a strong 3rd place finish and near victory at the mint 400 the month before. friday was...
  10. matt_helton

    monster jam world finals 2010!!

    i know there are some monster truck fans here too so here we go!! hells yeah another badass weekend in the books........ heres a few pics from the show! thats right, tom mcmotherfawkin meents. damon bradshaw charlie palken huckin like no other!.....he won freestyle btw...
  11. matt_helton

    Householder Motorsports Henderson Fabtech Desert Classic 2008

    great job SUD PRODUCTIONS! http://www.vimeo.com/2623824
  12. matt_helton

    1.5" .120 mild steel roll cage testing.

    farewell SY2
  13. matt_helton

    BMS offroad- 03 Super Crew

    a little something we're working on for a customer.
  14. matt_helton

    Another Kreger 10 car

    well another new Kreger 10 car hit the dirt today for the first time as the customer took delivery. the car was completly turn key'd by us with all the fancy trinkets and what-nots. the car features a Wiks type 4, a sequential mendiola by Folts and Kreger 934 floaters.
  15. matt_helton

    Brendan Gaughan at Baja 250!

    just wanted to say a public congrats to Brendan on his solid finish at the baja 250 in his Xtrac transmission equiped Kreger class one car! Xtrac did a heavy redesign on many of the internal parts between laughlin and this race for us. the trans never flinched or missed a beat for the entire...
  16. matt_helton

    Thank You!!

    just like it says, thanks to all that have helped us win the champoinship this year and thanks to flatwheel productions for making this little video! http://fw-productions.com/movies/helton2006.wmv
  17. matt_helton

    any plumbers in the house?

    i need someone that can get and install a water pressure regulator on the 1" supply line to my house. i live in yorba linda. thanks in advance.
  18. matt_helton

    what does everyone think?

    this is something that i have benn thinking about for some time and seeing some recent pics of klaus's ranger in peticular has really brough this to a forefront in my head. before this goes any further let me say this........first off....this is not ment to be a s-talking fest and im not...
  19. matt_helton

    Ford 9" skid plates

    well i made one of these for my own truck and there has been quite a bit of intrest from people that want one also. so we(OC OFFROAD) are now set up to make as many as necessary. skid plate is made from 1/4" steel and bolts to the pinion support. tabs will need to be welded on the rear...
  20. matt_helton

    OC OFFROAD website is up!!

    the OC OFFROAD website is now up and running. check it out and see some examples of our work in the picture gallery section. www.oc-offroad.com