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    Race truck weights

    Just a inquisitive question. What does an average Trophy Truck, Class 8, and the stock classes usually weigh? I've been told by one guy their Class 8 weighed at 5500 lbs for one race. Is that pretty much an average weight? And if you don't mind, you can throw out mini truck weights also, can...
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    9" gurus, I need help

    Re: 9\" gurus, I need help <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr> Maybe we should've let them think that they all, every last man-jack of them, NEEDS to have a GM 14bolt. <hr></blockquote> Hehehehe. That thread, in only the second time since I've been there for the past two years...
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    OIl pressure help

    Yeah, make sure you check it with a mechanical gauge first. Since I didn't have access to a gauge at the time, I just replaced the sender and the sender is not the problem. But I've also been running around on 0 psi the last two years according to the stock electrical gauge. I'm not here...
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    9" gurus, I need help

    Re: 9\" gurus, I need help It may be a losing cause, the other person that jumped in is so friggin hard headed, he wouldn't believe if the sky was blue. I really appreciate the help. I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    9" gurus, I need help

    Re: 9\" gurus, I need help Okay, for the general desert person who wants to blast across the desert at a good clip everyso often, what would I be looking for in a 9 inch from the junkyard and what kind of $$$$ to get it up to stuff on the lowbuck side? What kind of mods and $$$$ does a low...
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    9" gurus, I need help

    9\" gurus, I need help But in a little different way. This is what's going on, I'm in a tech "discussion" with someone discussing the benefits of the 9 inch in a rig and I've gone as far as I can go so I'm here looking for beaucoup help. I need knowledge and the what for's and why to's the 9...
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    VORRA events

    I'm trying to find out info on the small time stuff. I've found the USHRA stuff, so I'm covered there. The type of stuff you hear about on the radio like you were saying. Contacts for the promoters, websites and such. I'm basically focusing in on Cen Cal, I've found the tuff truck/pro arena...
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    VORRA events

    Curt, Do you know of a place here on the 'Net to get more tuff truck info? Thanks. I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    Prerunner with 44's

    Re: Prerunner with 44\'s <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr> Hey, did any of you guys consider that maybe in Oklahoma that is what you need for a prerunner? <hr></blockquote> Some of us Okies don't need no mall crawler like that thing to prerun. I'm not here, nor was I here...
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    Chevy Fans!

    Chevys rock and Ford sucks!!!! Oh wait, did I say that here? J/K As for rattles and stuff, I can honestly tell you that I have none, but then again I wouldn't be able to hear them over the Flowmaster One Chamber. BWAHAHAHAHAHA I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    Changing Lug Patterns

    A call to Stockton Wheel can't hurt, but doing business with them will. I personally know two different people that have done business with them and in the end came out on the wrong end. Do not do business with them, and if y'all want, I'll have these two people post their problems they had...
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    Changing Lug Patterns

    1/2 and 3/4 ton-6 1 ton-8 I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    K&N Prefilter Maintenance

    Does it need to be cleaned with the cleaning stuff for the airfilter, or is it a throw on and go item? I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    Under axle trusses

    Here's the reasoning behind my questions. Yes, I do have a K5, but I'm not a rockcrawler. I hang on a rockcrawling board, name left out for obvious reasons. The truss question came up, and pics were posted by not only a crawler, but a racer, and someone with "some status" on the board is...
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    Under axle trusses

    This is just an informative question on my part and would like to hear the experienced and knowledgable answers on this. How smart is it to truss the axle along the bottom, particular a front axle? And does anyone know of someone who's had trouble with running the truss into rocks and such and...
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    14bolt axles

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr> The problem with using Dana 60's, <hr></blockquote> Dana 60s, for the most part are full floaters, the semi floaters are rare. I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.
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    I hate Halloween

    I'll throw in on this one since I'm one of the most hardcore stock poser web wheelers on the planet. If you would like to keep this forum "dezert" related, then a change of description on the main board would be advisable since the description for this forum is "anything you would like to share...
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    TRUCK PICS........

    I didn't really agree with it either. I can see his reasoning and it's his site, but I think he could of probably worked a deal (now I don't know if anything went on in private, so I may be talking out my a**) for the smaller guys. Not too long ago, there was the mention of a fabricators...
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    TRUCK PICS........

    <blockquote><font size=1>In reply to:</font><hr> Steve kinda pissed me off....long story. <hr></blockquote> Not about the "mulitiple fabricated parts for sale so you are a business" thing is it? If that's the reason, I can understand why you are pissed. I'm not here, nor was I here, nor...
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    class 8

    Is this what you are looking for? <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.class8.org>http://www.class8.org</A> I'm not here, nor was I here, nor will I ever be here.