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  1. John F2000


    A thread started a while back What Do you wear when you play in the DIRT????? What do you wear when you play in the dirt??? Over the last 20 years, off-road vehicles have become exponentially faster. Not only with Trophy Trucks, Buggies, and Rock Crawlers, but every day pre-runners...
  2. John F2000

    On Topic 2018 Leduc Offroad Swap meet

    We will be there with tires, wheels, carbs, manifolds, and some misc parts. Looking forward to it.
  3. John F2000

    TDRA Lonestar 200 (VIDEO) 2017

    That is correct. Truck was originally built by Chris Robinson at CST, to be very light, with an ls3, turbo 400, and 37's. Basically he built a 6100 before its time:) Lightweight Contender | SCORE-International.com
  4. John F2000

    TDRA Lonestar 200 (VIDEO) 2017

    course was great, it was like a 40 mile go-kart track for off roading, lot of turns and lot of fun.
  5. John F2000

    TDRA Lonestar 200 (VIDEO) 2017

    First Lap Short edit Video: Complete First Lap Video: My son and I went to race the TDRA (Texas Desert Racing Association) Lonestar 200 in Notrees Texas this year. Wanted to thank Trey for making us feel very welcome and putting on a great event. The off road community couldn’t have been...
  6. John F2000

    SCORE working on ttspec RULES....IDEAS???

    Just a few thoughts: 1. Leave all BITD rules in place, engine designation, tire size, trans, no gear reduction, etc.. 2. Engine source, I know there are many thoughts here, independently tagged is a must, but whichever direction it goes on multiple sources, there needs to be a mandatory engine...
  7. John F2000

    DP14 Does it again!!

    Good job to Curtis and crew!!! Another great night at the premiere for DP14 in Santee .
  8. John F2000

    Congratulations Broc Dickerson on Class 10 Win

    After watching Broc's interview at the finish for the 500 I had to post this thread. I don't know the story other than the interview, but to be the second place car chasing down the first place car, to then stop to help pull the first place car off a rock and then to continue on to take the win...
  9. John F2000

    The FORD BRONCO is back! (Officially)

    I remember the last time Ford Heard us customers. I was so excited when they announced it, I bought one right away. Hopefully this time they really heard us.
  10. John F2000

    Oldish Race Videos

    Not sure what it is about the older broadcasts, but I have to admit I think they did a better job than most of the current desert events on tv. Or I am just getting nostalgic and like watching the older races.
  11. John F2000

    #1494 Vince Munoz Rage at the River "VIDEO"

    One of the best edited off road videos I have seen in a while. Good job. Great race. Thanks for sharing.
  12. John F2000

    Rage at the River Photos...

    any chance you have pics of 6169?
  13. John F2000

    Hi Curt, hope your doing good. Was wondering if you could call me re some racing coming up, when...

    Hi Curt, hope your doing good. Was wondering if you could call me re some racing coming up, when you get a chance. Thanks, John
  14. John F2000

    NORRA Article F2000

    Team Yeiser and the F2000
  15. John F2000

    What Do you wear when you play in the DIRT?????

    Great idea, the coozie provides extra back and spine protection when you bottom out.
  16. John F2000

    F2000 featured in SEMA Battle of the Builders tonight 7:00/10:00pm pac/eastern

    Thanks for posting, I hadn't seen the latest Sema news release. It was actually quarters and one dollar bills in two sacks:)
  17. John F2000

    2016 Mikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge Is Going To Happen

    My son and I are in. If you want to run more than one vehicle, I am curious how you get back down from mikes to the start. Simpsons? Rental car all the way!!!
  18. John F2000

    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    100% correct, let Josh run Turbos!!!
  19. John F2000

    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    The answer to this question in general is best found online, since there are very detailed specific benefits to both. However as it relates specifically to a TT, its the engine packaging that is going to dictate which is the better method in a particular TT build. In most cases the blower is...
  20. John F2000

    Super Charged Trophy Truck?

    Re heat or fires related to blown motors; a forced induction motor is not necessarily going to be the cause of a fire or excessive heat. HP or energy is directly related to heat. A naturally aspirated 700 hp high compression engine is going to generate a similar amount of heat as the same hp...